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Mental Wellness: FREE Tools to Master Thoughts & Emotions

Arthur Worsley
by Arthur Worsley
M.A. Psychology, Oxford. McKinsey Alum. Founder & Editor at TAoL.

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Mental Wellness, Mental Health and Why They Matter

Along with physical health, mental wellbeing is an essential part of living a happy, healthy and productive life. But the sad fact is, many of us struggle needlessly with our thoughts and emotions, either occasionally or as a constant uphill battle every day.

The good news? If you’re suffering from a serious mental illness, it’s never been easier to seek positive help from a competent mental health professional. There’s still a lot of work to do (and some pitfalls to avoid) but, from ancient methods to modern science, our understanding of psychological health has come a long way and is only getting better.

But the best news is that mental health and emotional wellness are no longer thought of as only worth thinking and talking about when you get really sick.

In the same way that more of us are exercising, eating well and making sleep a priority; in the same way that more of us realise that the best form of cure is prevention, so more of us are learning to proactively manage mental health.

Which is important…

Because here’s the truth…

Life Never Gets Easier, You Just Get Stronger

Life never gets easier, you just get stronger.

Even if I could magically fix every problem in your life that’s making you anxious, angry or unhappy; even if I could make every thought, memory, experience or person that triggers you emotionally go away…

Guess what?

Within a couple of weeks, you’d have a whole new set of problems to deal with.

So what’s the secret? The secret is to realise you’re not alone. The secret is to take responsibility for your mental health and wellbeing. And the secret is to develop new coping skills for dealing with the stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, grief or depression (and all the positive bits!) that are just part of what it means to be human.

How can I help? In the sections below, you’ll find a growing list of free tools and resources to help you or a loved one accomplish just that. Tools to understand why your brain does what it does, what thoughts and emotions even are and help you feel happier and more in control of how you think, talk about and react to the world around you.

I hope you find something here that’s valuable. I hope you know, whatever you’re going through, that you’re not alone (I’m right there with you). And I hope you remember, no matter how hopeless you feel, that on the other side of every storm cloud the sun is always shining and the sky is always blue.

Note: If you need urgent help, use this page to find someone to talk to ASAP.

Mental Wellness: Free Tools

Mood Tracker

Download a FREE simple app that helps you understand yourself better by tracking your moods more often and mindfully WITHOUT labelling those emotions "good" or "bad".


Emotions Worksheet

Get a FREE mind/body emotions worksheet to help you understand where and how you feel your emotions in your body and supercharge your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)...


Mental Wellness: Book Recommendations

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Mental Wellness: Book Summaries

Book Summary Thumbnail
Acres of Diamonds Summary – Russell H. Conwell
1 MINUTE READ | Acres of Diamonds is a short, inspirational reminder that all you need for success, wealth and happiness can be found right in front of you and that the grass is always green where you water it - by minister, orator and founder of Temple University, Russell H. Conwell. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
As a Man Thinketh Summary – James Allen
4 MINUTE READ | As a Man Thinketh is THE #1 ranking, uplifting, pocket-sized pep-talk on the power and importance of changing your thoughts as the cornerstone to changing your life – by philosopher and prolific self-help author, James Allen. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Can’t Hurt Me Summary – David Goggins
11 MINUTE READ | Can't Hurt Me is a powerful, uplifting, part-how-to, part-memoir that'll pick you up by your collar, help you take control of your life circumstances and kick your victim mentality to the curb - by endurance athlete and retired Navy SEAL, David Goggins. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Summary – Dale Carnegie
15 MINUTE READ | How to Stop Worrying and Start Living is a practical, common-sense bible filled with stories, case studies and simple step-by-step guides to conquering worry, anxiety and depression – by self development guru, Dale Carnegie. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Meditations Summary – Marcus Aurelius
8 MINUTE READ | Meditations is a humbling and thought-provoking insight into the stoic mindset of one of history's greatest leaders and thinkers - by Roman emperor, philosopher and example to us all, Marcus Aurelius. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Psycho-Cybernetics Summary – Maxwell Maltz
2 MINUTE READ | Psycho-Cybernetics defined the concept of self-image and inspired a generation of books on the power of identifying and breaking limited beliefs - by cosmetic surgeon and best selling author, Maxwell Maltz. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Alchemist Summary – Paulo Coelho
10 MINUTE READ | The Alchemist is a spiritual seeker's go-to novel for inspiring you to follow your dreams. Develop your character with the alchemy of spirit and the signs of the omens. No matter how far you travel, your personal legend waits within – by visionary author, Paulo Coelho. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Body Keeps The Score Summary – Bessel van der Kolk
6 MINUTE READ | The Body Keeps the Score is a fascinating dive into the hidden epidemic of trauma, what we've learned about it in the last 30 years and how to better diagnose, face and heal it - by psychiatrist, author and post-traumatic stress researcher, Bessel van der Kolk. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Four Agreements Summary – Don Miguel Ruiz
7 MINUTE READ | The Four Agreements is a provocative and mind-altering Toltec guide to waking up and finding peace in our illusory world – by retired surgeon, author and Eagle-Knight shaman Don Miguel Ruiz. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Inner Game of Tennis Summary – W. Timothy Gallwey
6 MINUTE READ | An insightful and practical guide to optimizing natural learning and performance with applied mindfulness - by author, speaker and ex-Harvard tennis captain, W. Timothy Gallwey. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Magic of Thinking Big Summary – David J. Schwartz
11 MINUTE READ | The Magic of Thinking Big is a powerful, practical and uplifting book to help get you out of a rut, invigorate your goals and empower you towards success - by life-long motivational writer and coach, David J. Schwartz. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Master-Key to Riches Summary – Napoleon Hill
1 MINUTE READ | The Master-Key to Riches is an accessible self help manual that covers everything from positive thinking and goal visualization to habit formation and self-discipline - by titan of the genre and author of Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Summary – Robin Sharma
11 MINUTE READ | The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a mystical fable and bestselling guide to self-control and abundance that will help you find peace, discover purpose and set your life up for success - by self-improvement guru, Robin Sharma. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Power of Now Summary – Eckhart Tolle
13 MINUTE READ | The Power of Now is an intimate Q&A on enlightenment, filled with simple, yet profound wisdom on how to find deep peace and calm by simply being in the present moment - by spiritual teacher and best-selling author, Eckhart Tolle. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Power of Positive Thinking Summary – Norman Vincent Peale
1 MINUTE READ | The Power of Positive Thinking reminds us that we don’t need a PhD in Human Relations to live our best lives if we can learn a few tricks to change how we think - by minister and best-selling author Norman Vincent Peale. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Science of Getting Rich Summary – Wallace D. Wattles
3 MINUTE READ | The Science of Getting Rich offers a short, pragmatic guide to attracting wealth and success by reprogramming your thinking, ovecoming mental barriers and learning to create, rather than compete - by New Thought and self-help author, Wallace D. Wattles. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Think and Grow Rich Summary – Napoleon Hill
12 MINUTE READ | Think and Grow Rich is a best-selling book of all time and a cornerstone guide to the Law of Attraction and the role of the subconscious in transforming your life – by a titan of the self-help genre, Napoleon Hill. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Tiny Beautiful Things Summary – Cheryl Strayed
6 MINUTE READ | A heart thumpingly raw, vulnerable and powerful collection of letters and advice on the power of love, of forgiveness and of finding growth in the darkest of places - by award-winning writer, Cheryl Strayed. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Who Moved My Cheese Summary – Dr. Spencer Johnson
5 MINUTE READ | Who Moved My Cheese is a short, light-hearted parable about the different ways we respond to life's changes and how doing so skillfully can help us find more success and happines in our lives - by best-selling author, Dr. Spencer Johnson. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Wooden Summary – John Wooden and Steve Jamison
2 MINUTE READ | An effort-and-integrity focussed personal philosophy - spanning family, achievement, success and excellence - by UCLA's famous philosopher-coach, John Wooden, and author, Steve Jamison. Topics:

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Mental Wellness: Articles

Mental Wellness Articles Thumbnail
101+ Personality Traits, Types & BEST Tests (Ultimate Guide)
13 MINUTE READ | A comprehensive guide to personality traits, types and tests. Includes a list of 101+ personality traits examples, links to the most popular tests, an explanation of why those mostly suck and thoughts on why that doesn't really matter. Topics:
Mental Wellness Articles Thumbnail
Growth Through Pain: Avoid Suffering and Change Life for the Better
12 MINUTE READ | An inspirational story of heartbreak, pain and regrowth by guest author Erin Young that lays out the importance and opportunity for rebirth inside every painful or traumatic event. Topics:
Mental Wellness Articles Thumbnail
How To Love Yourself AND Still Feel Motivated
3 MINUTE READ | Here's a question I get all the time: "“If I already love myself, just as I am – then how will I find the motivation to get better? Won’t I just sit on my butt and do nothing?” This article will show you the answer... Topics: ,
Mental Wellness Articles Thumbnail
Hygge: How Will YOU Make This Week Wonderful?
2 MINUTE READ | A short, 2-minute article that'll introduce you to a few words I WISH we had in English (like gigil, ikigai and saudade) before sharing one question you can ask yourself every day to build more hygge into your life. Topics:
Mental Wellness Articles Thumbnail
Just for Today: 10 Daily Resolutions to Change Your Life
3 MINUTE READ | A quick copy-paste of "Just For Today": the original 10-step daily meditation by Sibyl F. Partridge (1925) that laid the groundwork for AA, NA and other 12-step programmes (from Dale Carnegie's How to Stop Worrying and Start Living) Topics:
Mental Wellness Articles Thumbnail
Mindful Moments: How to get SMART around mindfulness…
3 MINUTE READ | In this short article I'll show you my favourite simple, yet powerful trick to finding more peace of mind (and boost your performance) by bringing mindfulness out of meditation and into the rest of your day. Topics: ,
Mental Wellness Articles Thumbnail
You are enough, just as you are.
"Real love is accepting other people the way they are without trying to change them. If we try to change them it means we don't really like them." - Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements This wonderful quote says something I think we all know deep down. And yet it has an implication that is profound. One that I’ve struggled with most of my life and that I’d like to reflect on with you today. The most important person this quote applies to is you – it’s yourself. We live in a world where we constantly feel we don’t live up to expectations.… Topics: ,

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