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How Sean DOUBLED His Productivity Overnight WITHOUT Working Harder

Arthur Worsley
by Arthur Worsley
M.A. Psychology, Oxford. McKinsey Alum. Founder & Editor at TAoL.

TRACKTION Review - Sean T

This is Sean 👆 and he’s a typical, successful online entrepreneur.

An ex sales director from the US, he now spends half the year in Portugal and the other half travelling or in Bali. He owns a business with a mission that he cares about. He’s built up a solid community. He lives like a king, for pennies on his old life back home.

On paper, his life seems pretty perfect.

But here’s the thing… Sean has so much autonomy that it’s actually a problem.

He’s discovered firsthand that balancing hard work with staying healthy, feeling happy, paying bills and making time for friends, family, dating and hobbies isn’t as easy as it should be.

In fact, when I first met him, he was feeling frustrated and down about it…

“Of all the random stuff you fill your head with during your school years,” he told me, “it baffles me that nobody teaches you a ‘life OS’; a universal framework to actuate your goals and consistently improve yourself while operating with peace of mind.”

And I hear him.

I studied and worked in one of the top schools, top universities and top companies in the world and I was never taught how best to prioritise, beat procrastination, manage emails or even write a to-do list; let alone start thinking bigger.


Now luckily, Sean’s read a few productivity books in his time. In fact, when we met, he’d already assembled his own working system using GTD, Things and Trello, all roughly cobbled together with bits of Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why” program.

But that STILL wasn’t doing the trick…

“It wasn’t a specific problem I can put my finger on, more of a feeling that I was capable of so much more but I didn’t know how to rev the engine any faster than I was running it. It felt like I need to dismantle the whole thing and rebuild.”

Which was exactly when Sean heard about TRACKTION…

“I first learned about the masterclass listening to a podcast with Arthur on my buddy Matt’s show. I’ll never forget how I was jogging along the water in Koh Tao, Thailand, thinking this is the refined version of the system I’ve been badly jury-rigging this whole time.”

Now, Sean’s a smart guy. He didn’t HAVE to join TRACKTION.

He watched my free training, and in his own words…

“I might have actually, independently arrived at a similar system, eventually.”

But you know what? The reason Sean’s a successful entrepreneur is he doesn’t reinvent wheels. He realised how painful and pointless that would be when…

“It was easier and quicker to appreciate the elegance of what Arthur had already built and just implement that system today.”

So he headed over to the registration page, signed up in seconds and joined us for 6-weeks in the TRACKTION Community.

Result? Sean found his missing Life OS…

“It didn’t disappoint. Week 1 was an eye-opener, I noticed massive productivity gains in week 2 and by week 5 I’d already seen gains in what I was able to accomplish in a week AND feel more at peace closing my laptop each night.”

“It is immensely valuable knowing that I have a practical framework to stack everything up to support my life’s purpose instead of just firing from the hip.”

And he’s not alone.

Sean joined scores of other students who’ve used TRACKTION to make game-changing improvements in every aspect of their lives.

His only regret?

“I wish I’d discovered TRACKTION earlier in my career… but I’m pleased to at least have it now as a life GPS!”

Pretty cool, huh?

And the best part is THIS 👆 is exactly the same journey I want to take you on.

My only goal is to help you go through the same transformation as Sean; to help you do more of what matters, find more balance and live life on purpose WITHOUT working crazy hours and WITHOUT building tiresome and complicated productivity systems.

So, if you’re fed up with tackling this alone; if you want me to show you the answers; if you want to invest a small part of this week into FINALLY connecting the dots…

Click Here To Learn How To Double Your Productivity, Find More Balance & Live Life More On Purpose In Just 42 Days →

A few months from now I’d love nothing more than for YOU to become my next case study. I’d love nothing more than for YOU to experience the life-changing power of TRACKTION.

If you’re ready to execute, I’d love to show YOU how to get big things done…


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