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Welcome to the Read More section of The Art of Living. If you’re here, there’s a good chance it’s for one of three reasons:

  1. You’re trying to decide what to read next;
  2. You’re looking for well-written book summaries; or
  3. You want to read faster and retain more of what you read.

Well, good news! You’re in the right place for all three.

The first thing to do is check out my 10-step effective-reading cheat sheet. To get it, use the form above. N.B., This is exactly the same 10-step process I use to write the many book summaries you’ll find here on The Art of Living.

After that, bookmark this page and take your time exploring the recommended tools, reading lists, book summaries and articles on reading more below. If you want to read more this year, there aren’t many better places to start.

  • Amazon Audible – I always recommend reading with your eyes. But there are times when holding a book just isn’t practical. Or when listening to a book, read by its author, adds something unique (like this one). That’s when Audible becomes awesome. PLUS you currently get two FREE audiobooks with a free trial so it’s basically a no-brainer.
  • Kindle Paperwhite – The best way to read more is to always have a good book close by. I know you love paper. Me too. But I would probably read 75% fewer books each year if I didn’t have my trusty Kindle to hand, 24/7.

Book Recommendations (A – Z):

One of the best ways to read more this year is to read from good, curated lists. And that’s exactly what you’ll find below. These are my reading lists. The ones that I’ve spent hours researching and putting together from other lists, my own reading and expert recommendations. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Book Summaries (A – Z):

Syntheses, summaries and notes on some of the best books ever written (or just ones I wanted to read!) in anything from 500 to 10k words. Anything you enjoy in my writing or thinking almost certainly started somewhere here.

Book Summary Thumbnail
10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades Summary – Thomas Frank
10 MINUTE READ | A short, practical guide for students on being more productive and studying more effectively - by veteran student-success writer, Thomas Frank of College Info Geek. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
10,000 Years of Art Summary – Phaidon Press
3 MINUTE READ | The perfect handbook for anyone interested in a perspective on the history and progression of art, across the world and over 10,000 years – by the wonderful team at Phaidon Press. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
A Mind For Numbers Summary – Barbara Oakley
7 MINUTE READ | A practical, research-based guide to unlocking the power of your brain to learn math, or anything else you put your mind to, even if you think you're hopeless - by professor Barbara Oakley. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Apology Summary – Plato
10 MINUTE READ | Three powerful speeches made by Socrates, a founder of Western Philosophy, in his final defence of wisdom, excellence and his life - by Socrates's student, Aristotle's teacher and eminent Greek philosopher, Plato. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
As a Man Thinketh Summary
5 MINUTE READ | THE #1 ranking, uplifting, pocket-sized pep-talk on the power and importance of changing your thoughts as the cornerstone to changing your life - by philosopher and prolific self-help author, James Allen. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Atomic Habits Summary – James Clear
10 MINUTE READ | A powerful and practical guide to transforming your habits, making change stick and achieving remarkable results – by author and habit-guru, James Clear. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Black Box Thinking Summary – Matthew Syed
4 MINUTE READ | A fascinating account of how cognitive biases and fixed mindsets cause individuals and institutions to fail to learn from mistakes (and what to do about it) - by athlete and author, Matthew Syed. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Bounce Summary – Matthew Syed
10 MINUTE READ | A thoughtful investigation into the primacy of practice and mindset over talent when learning and mastering new skills - by top-ranked table tennis champion and journalist, Matthew Syed. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Deep Work Summary – Cal Newport
10 MINUTE READ | A timely reminder of the value of deep, focussed work and the dangers of losing yourself in the shallows of entertainment and distraction - by author and associate professor, Cal Newport. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Eat That Frog Summary – Brian Tracy
8 MINUTE READ | A punchy, concise guide to identifying what matters, setting powerful goals and then getting to work on them right away - by productivity and self-development legend, Brian Tracy. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Effortless Mastery Summary – Kenny Werner
3 MINUTE READ | An inspirational and practical guide for advanced and expert practitioners in any field on finding mastery by getting out of your head and surrendering to your art - by jazz pianist and composer, Kenny Werner. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Flow Summary – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
4 MINUTE READ | A bottom-up guide to finding success, growth and happiness through flow - an optimal experience of being, marked by total absorption and joy in the present - by psychology professor, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Getting Things Done Summary – David Allen
27 MINUTE READ | THE classic life-changing manual on getting organised and building a robust productivity system that can handle whatever life throws at you - by productivity guru, David Allen. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Guest Blogging Summary – Jon Morrow
17 MINUTE READ | The ultimate guide to writing great articles and getting them published on some of the biggest blogs, platforms and news sites on the internet - by blogging legend, Jon Morrow. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
How Not To Die Summary – Dr. Michael Greger
9 MINUTE READ | A deeply researched and compelling primer on the promise and importance of whole food plant-based nutrition in preventing and reversing disease – by medical doctor and nutrition expert, Michael Greger. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
How to Develop a Perfect Memory Summary – Dominic O’Brien
25 MINUTE READ | The perfect manual for anyone wanting to effortlessly retain names, faces, facts, figures, speeches and languages. All the tools you need to develop a perfect memory – by 8-time World Memory Champion, Dominic O’Brien. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
How to Read a Book Summary – M. J. Adler and C. van Doren
17 MINUTE READ | THE classic guide to reading faster, deeper and more effectively than you ever realised was possible - by deep-thinkers, philosophers and life-long learners, M. Adler and C. van Doren. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
How to Win Friends and Influence People Summary – Dale Carnegie
14 MINUTE READ | The classic guide to greatly improving effectiveness and efficiency by mastering the ability to work with and through the people around you – by self-improvement guru, Dale Carnegie. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Make It Stick Summary – Brown, Roediger and McDaniel
5 MINUTE READ | Tools, strategies and stories to help students, teachers and trainers learn more effectively based on 10 years of collaboration between 11 cognitive psychologists - collected and synthesised by author Peter Brown and psychology researchers Henry Roediger and Mark McDaniel. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Man’s Search for Meaning Summary – Viktor Frankl
3 MINUTE READ | A gruelling and yet deeply liberating insight into the why behind each of our whats and hows - by holocaust survivor, psychologist and founder of logotherapy, Viktor Frankl. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Mastery Summary – Robert Greene
6 MINUTE READ | An exploration of Mastery - its benefits, principles and strategies - enriched with instructive and inspirational biographies of historical and contemporary masters - by modern-day Machiavelli and author Robert Greene. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Meditations Summary – Marcus Aurelius
9 MINUTE READ | A deeply humbling and thought-provoking insight into the stoic mindset of one of history's greatest leaders and thinkers - by Roman emperor, philosopher and example to us all, Marcus Aurelius. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Mindset Summary – Carol Dweck
5 MINUTE READ | A research-grounded dive into the self-fulfilling nature and impact of Fixed- and Growth-Mindset beliefs in personal development - by social and developmental psychology professor, Carol Dweck. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Moonwalking with Einstein Summary – Josh Foer
4 MINUTE READ | An overview of the history, science and philosophy of memory set against a year-long sprint from memory virgin to 2006 U.S.A Memory Champion - by journalist, Josh Foer. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
On Writing Well Summary – William Zinsser
10 MINUTE READ | A book so brimming with literary wisdom that it feels like you're clutching a living brain. Writing, about writing, for writers - by writer, editor, critic, teacher and captain of the craft, William Zinsser. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Optimal Living 101 Summary – Brian Johnson
23 MINUTE READ | A fantastic synthesis of ancient and modern wisdom into a single manifesto on how to live well - by author, coach and modern-day philosopher, Brian Johnson. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Outliers Summary – Malcolm Gladwell
4 MINUTE READ | A systematic debunking of the myth that success is mostly determined by talent and hard-work - with quantitative and qualitative evidence from medicine, sport, business, history, music, science and more - by journalist and author, Malcolm Gladwell. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Peak Summary – Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool
5 MINUTE READ | A practical, fact-based primer on the primacy of purposeful and deliberate practice in expert performance - by psychologist and scientist, Anders Ericsson, and science writer, Robert Pool. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Perennial Seller Summary – Ryan Holiday
8 MINUTE READ | A fascinating and practical guide to making your heart and nerve and sinew serve your turn long after they are gone - by modern stoic and devourer of the written word, Ryan Holiday. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Pragmatic Thinking and Learning Summary – Andy Hunt
9 MINUTE READ | A practical and extensive collection of ideas, frameworks, tools and tips to supercharge your learning at school, at home and at work - by programmer and life-long learner, Andy Hunt of Pragmatic Programmers. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary – Robert Kiyosaki
19 MINUTE READ | One of the few must-read handbooks for anyone who's serious about earning their financial freedom - by businessman, investor and best-selling author, Robert Kiyosaki. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Stop Working Harder Summary – Arthur Worsley
7 MINUTE READ | TAoL's ultimate guide to defeating distractions, beating procrastination, setting each day up for success, getting organised and generally getting more done - by thinker, writer and coach, Arthur Worsley. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Teach Yourself How to Learn Summary – Saundra McGuire
3 MINUTE READ | Simple strategies and inspirational stories to help you ace courses and enjoy a lifetime of deep, effective learning - by retired Chemistry professor and writer on academic success, Saundra McGuire. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The 4-Hour Work Week Summary – Tim Ferriss
21 MINUTE READ | One of the most influential books on the reading list of nearly every successful digital nomad and online business owner I've ever met - by serial entrepreneur, life-hacker and pod-casting legend, Tim Ferriss. Topics: , ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
The 48 Laws Of Power Summary – Robert Greene
34 MINUTE READ | The ultimate guide to gaining and defending against ultimate control – by author and your nearest dictator’s favourite leadership coach, Robert Greene. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
The 5 Love Languages Summary – Gary Chapman
7 MINUTE READ | A concise, actionable and time-tested guide to letting others know they are loved and feeling loved and appreciated in return - by best-selling author, pastor and marriage counsellor, Gary Chapman. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Summary – Stephen Covey
34 MINUTE READ | A perennial masterpiece on leading a happy, productive and purposeful existence and an unmissable stop for any pilgrim of personal improvement - by educator, author and speaker, Stephen Covey. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Body Keeps The Score Summary – Bessel van der Kolk
4 MINUTE READ | A fascinating dive into the hidden epidemic of trauma, what we've learned about it in the last 30 years and how to better diagnose, face and heal it - by psychiatrist, author and post-traumatic stress researcher, Bessel van der Kolk. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Brain That Changes Itself Summary – Norman Doidge
3 MINUTE READ | An informative and readable journey into the history, science and consequences of recent research in neuroplasticity - the brain's incredible ability to change and reorganise itself - by psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and researcher, Norman Doidge. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Compound Effect Summary – Darren Hardy
14 MINUTE READ | A concise, practical guide to mastering small choices that determine big outcomes which dictate the course of your life - by best selling author, publisher and motivational speaker, Darren Hardy. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Effective Executive Summary – Peter F. Drucker
8 MINUTE READ | THE timeless classic on leadership and management; on getting the right things done - by the dean of business and management philosophy, Peter F. Drucker. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Elements of Style Summary – William Strunk Jr.
Perfect for you if: Writing good concise English is important to your success. You can't spot the simple, common and 'obvious' mistake in this sentence. The idea of someone crunching such a sacred work fills you with rage. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Four Agreements Summary – Don Miguel Ruiz
7 MINUTE READ | A provocative and mind-altering Toltec guide to waking up and finding peace in our illusory world - by retired surgeon, author and Eagle-Knight shaman, Don Miguel Ruiz. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Inner Game of Tennis Summary – W. Timothy Gallwey
6 MINUTE READ | An insightful and practical guide to optimizing natural learning and performance with applied mindfulness - by author, speaker and ex-Harvard tennis captain, W. Timothy Gallwey. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Little Book of Talent Summary – Daniel Coyle
8 MINUTE READ | 52 short, immediate and practical tips to kick-off your learning, improve your skills and sustain your progress at school, at work, at home and at play - by journalist and author, Daniel Coyle. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Magic of Thinking Big Summary – David J. Schwartz
12 MINUTE READ | A powerful, practical and uplifting book to help get you out of a rut, invigorate your goals and empower you towards success - by life-long motivational writer and coach, David J. Schwartz. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Mastery of Love Summary – Don Miguel Ruiz
14 MINUTE READ | A beautiful, poetic and easy-to-read self-help book that illuminates the false and unnecessarily dramatic lives we lead, filled with fear and self-rejection, and how to wake up to our own inner power so that we can learn to love others and ourselves — by Toltec Nagual and best selling author, Don Miguel Ruiz. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Memory Book Summary – Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas
17 MINUTE READ | A practical guide to remembering anything, faster, with simple, millennia-old mnemonics and proven memory boosting techniques - by memory masters, Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Neuroscience of Intelligence Summary – Richard J. Haier
5 MINUTE READ | A neuroscience-heavy, research-rich review of the evidence, myths and future of our understanding of intelligence - including what it is, why some people have it and what can be done to enhance it - by psychologist and professor, Richard J. Haier. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Power of Habit Summary – Charles Duhigg
9 MINUTE READ | A page-turning dive into the power and ubiquity of unconscious habits in shaping our decisions and destinies (plus a practical guide to changing them) - by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Charles Duhigg. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Psychology of Selling Summary – Brian Tracy
30 MINUTE READ | A powerful, motivational and practical guide to becoming one of the most successful (and highest-paid) salespeople in your company, industry and the world – by self-help legend and sales guru, Brian Tracy. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Richest Man In Babylon Summary – George S. Clason
6 MINUTE READ | THE classic parable on how to acquire money, how to not lose money and how to make money multiply - by serial entrepreneur and author, George S. Clason. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Slight Edge Summary – Jeff Olson
11 MINUTE READ | A short, punchy, practical guide to the why, what and how of using simple daily disciplines to achieve breakthrough success - by serial entrepreneur, speaker and author, Jeff Olson. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Think and Grow Rich Summary – Napoleon Hill
13 MINUTE READ | A best-selling book of all time and a cornerstone guide to the Law of Attraction and the role of the subconscious in transforming your life - by a titan of the self-help genre, Napoleon Hill. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Tiny Beautiful Things Summary – Cheryl Strayed
6 MINUTE READ | A heart thumpingly raw, vulnerable and powerful collection of letters and advice on the power of love, of forgiveness and of finding growth in the darkest of places - by award-winning writer, Cheryl Strayed. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Tools of Titans Summary (452 Book Recommendations) – Tim Ferriss
40 MINUTE READ | A curated collection of interview notes on health, wealth and wisdom from over 100 conversations with top performers and curious characters – by author, podcaster and life-hacker Tim Ferriss. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Unlimited Memory Summary – Kevin Horsley
1 MINUTE READ | A short and accessible introduction to mnemonic memory techniques for anyone looking to quickly improve their memory and increase their productivity – by Grand Master of Memory, Kevin Horsley. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Who Moved My Cheese Summary – Dr. Spencer Johnson
5 MINUTE READ | A short, light-hearted parable about the different ways we respond to life's changes and how doing so skillfully can help us find more success and happines in our lives - by best-selling author, Dr. Spencer Johnson. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Why We Sleep Summary – Matthew Walker
17 MINUTE READ | A fascinating and accessible guide to what sleep is, why sleep matters and how to optimise your sleep habits to live longer, feel happier and set your life up for success - by sleep scientist and best-selling author, Matthew Walker. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Wooden Summary – John Wooden and Steve Jamison
2 MINUTE READ | An effort-and-integrity focussed personal philosophy - spanning family, achievement, success and excellence - by UCLA's famous philosopher-coach, John Wooden, and author, Steve Jamison. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Writing Tools Summary – Roy Peter Clark
6 MINUTE READ | Decades of writing experience condensed into 55 highly practical tools that will help you improve every part of your writing process – by writer, editor and writing teacher, Roy Peter Clark. Topics:

Articles (A – Z):

In the coming years, I’ll be sharing more and more articles on how to read more, how to read well and how to remember what you read. For now, here’s a couple of thoughts to get started.

Recommend a Book:

One of my all-time favourite things to wake up to is a really good book recommendation.

If you’ve read something recently that changed your life and that you’d like to share – get in touch. I’d genuinely love to hear from you.

Until then, I hope you found something here today that helped you in your journey.

Good luck, go well, and good reading,

Arthur “Read More and Read Well” Worsley