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Arthur Worsley
by Arthur Worsley
M.A. Psychology, Oxford. McKinsey Alum. Founder & Editor at TAoL.

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There IS Another Way.

Welcome to the productivity section of The Art of Living.

  • Do you find there’s never enough time to get everything done?
  • Are you tired and frustrated with feeling stressed, anxious and guilty?
  • Do you finish each day and wonder what it is you actually accomplished (and why), despite working really, really hard?

Well, the good news is, you’re not alone. And there is another way.

The first thing to do is send yourself The Art of Living‘s 5 FREE personal productivity templates and check out the TRACKTION Productivity Planner. They’ll instantly help you get organised and start accomplishing more of what matters each day.

Next, bookmark this page and explore the growing library of recommended tools and free content below. No matter who or how busy you are, you’ll find at least one thing here today that is guaranteed to change your life.

Productivity: Recommended Tools

I spent a decade honing my TRACKTION life-management system in my own life (as a student at Oxford, as an entrepreneur and as a consultant at McKinsey) before teaching it to hundreds of people just like you. The result? The only three tools you need to become the most focussed, deliberate and productive person you know, guaranteed.

Productivity Primer


Can't believe they still don't teach productivity in school? It's not too late! Get organised and get more done with these 10 chapters of practical, time-saving productivity tips.



Want to get there faster? Use my daily planner, habit tracker and gratitude journal to reach your goals faster and make lasting improvements in every area of your life.

TRACKTION Masterclass


Get organised, hit your goals faster and easier, spend more time on projects and with people you love, connect with like-minded peers, enjoy weekly group coaching and more...

Productivity Coaching


Hire expert, 1-on-1 support to help you get clear on what success looks like, exactly how to get there and make sure what needs doing keeps getting done day-to-day.


Productivity: FREE Tools

Looking for some quick and easy ways to become more productive? You’re in the right place! I use the free tools and templates below every day in my own life and with my clients to make sure we stay focussed, productive and stress free.

Productivity Quiz


Curious how productive you really are? Take this 2-minute quiz to discover and download the full list of Top 25 Habits of Top Performers.
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Productivity Primer


Download a free chapter ("Step 9 - Beat Procrastination") from TAoL's ultimate productivity primer and discover how to get started NOW.
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Productivity Templates


Get 5 FREE powerful, printable, personal productivity templates to help you get organised and accomplish more of what matters each day.
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Productivity Weekly Planner


Get a FREE printable weekly planner template you can use to set goals in each area of life, plan your time and set every week up for success.
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Productivity: Book Recommendations

If there’s a book about productivity and performance I haven’t heard about, then my readers are very quick to point it out to me. You’ll find the best of my suggestions (and theirs) ordered by popularity and rating in the reading lists below:

Productivity: Book Summaries

I’ve read scores of books about productivity and over the next few years I plan to revisit the best of them in book summaries below. For now, here’s a few to get going.

Pressed for time? Start with The 7 Habits and Getting Things Done.

Productivity Book Summary Thumbnail
12 Rules for Life Summary – Jordan B. Peterson
15 MINUTE READ | 12 Rules for Life is a #1 international bestseller that distills some of life's toughest questions into accessible, practical advice - by the New York Times's "most influential public intellectual in the Western world right now," Jordan B. Peterson. Topics:
Productivity Book Summary Thumbnail
Atomic Habits Summary – James Clear
11 MINUTE READ | Atomic Habits is a powerful and practical guide to transforming your habits, making change stick and achieving remarkable results – by author and habit-guru, James Clear. Topics: ,
Productivity Book Summary Thumbnail
Deep Work Summary – Cal Newport
8 MINUTE READ | Deep Work is a timely reminder of the value of deep, focussed work and the dangers of losing yourself in the shallows of entertainment and distraction - by author and computer science professor, Cal Newport. Topics:
Productivity Book Summary Thumbnail
Eat That Frog Summary – Brian Tracy
7 MINUTE READ | Eat That Frog! is a punchy, concise guide to identifying what matters, setting powerful goals and then getting to work on them right away - by productivity and self-development legend, Brian Tracy. Topics:
Productivity Book Summary Thumbnail
First Things First Summary – Stephen Covey
1 MINUTE READ | First Things First is an action-oriented time-management manual, filled with frameworks and exercises to help you do more of what matters and less of what doesn't - by the author of the #1 book on this list, Stephen Covey. Topics:
Productivity Book Summary Thumbnail
Flow Summary – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
4 MINUTE READ | A bottom-up guide to finding success, growth and happiness through flow - an optimal experience of being, marked by total absorption and joy in the present - by psychology professor, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Topics: ,
Productivity Book Summary Thumbnail
Getting Things Done Summary – David Allen
25 MINUTE READ | Getting Things Done is THE classic life-changing manual on getting organised and building a robust productivity system that can handle whatever life throws at you - by productivity guru, David Allen. Topics:
Productivity Book Summary Thumbnail
Goals Summary – Brian Tracy
1 MINUTE READ | Goals! was the first book I ever read on productivity and probably the most readable and complete guide to goal-setting ever written - by sales legend and time-management master, Brian Tracy. Topics:
Productivity Book Summary Thumbnail
Make Your Bed Summary – William H. McRaven
12 MINUTE READ | Make Your Bed became a best seller by breaking down how you can change your life and change the world into ten simple steps that start with simply making your bed - by former US Navy SEAL, Admiral William McRaven. Topics:
Productivity Book Summary Thumbnail
Man’s Search for Meaning Summary – Viktor Frankl
2 MINUTE READ | Man's Search for Meaning is a gruelling, yet deeply liberating insight into the why behind each of our whats and hows - by holocaust survivor, psychologist and founder of logotherapy, Viktor Frankl. Topics:
Productivity Book Summary Thumbnail
Mindset Summary – Carol Dweck
5 MINUTE READ | A research-grounded dive into the self-fulfilling nature and impact of Fixed- and Growth-Mindset beliefs in personal development - by social and developmental psychology professor, Carol Dweck. Topics: ,
Productivity Book Summary Thumbnail
Optimal Living 101 Summary – Brian Johnson
23 MINUTE READ | A fantastic synthesis of ancient and modern wisdom into a single manifesto on how to live well - by author, coach and modern-day philosopher, Brian Johnson. Topics:
Productivity Book Summary Thumbnail
Stop Working Harder Summary – Arthur Worsley
7 MINUTE READ | TAoL's ultimate guide to defeating distractions, beating procrastination, setting each day up for success, getting organised and generally getting more done - by thinker, writer and coach, Arthur Worsley. Topics: ,
Productivity Book Summary Thumbnail
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Summary – Stephen Covey
33 MINUTE READ | The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a perennial masterpiece on leading a happy, productive and purposeful existence and an unmissable stop for any pilgrim of personal improvement - by educator, author and speaker, Stephen Covey. Topics:
Productivity Book Summary Thumbnail
The 80/20 Principle Summary – Richard Koch
1 MINUTE READ | The 80/20 Principle is a perennial guide to mastering the Pareto principal and doing more with less - by management consultant, venture capitalist and best-selling author, Richard Koch. Topics: ,
Productivity Book Summary Thumbnail
The Checklist Manifesto Summary – Atul Gawande
1 MINUTE READ | The Checklist Manifesto is a fascinating investigation into the ability of checklists in business, medicine and every day life to promote greater efficiency, consistency and safety - by surgeon and public health researcher, Atul Gawande. Topics: ,
Productivity Book Summary Thumbnail
The Compound Effect Summary – Darren Hardy
13 MINUTE READ | The Compound Effect offers a concise, practical guide to mastering small choices that determine big outcomes which dictate the course of your life - by best selling author, publisher and motivational speaker, Darren Hardy. Topics:
Productivity Book Summary Thumbnail
The Effective Executive Summary – Peter F. Drucker
7 MINUTE READ | The Effective Executive is THE timeless classic on leadership and management; on getting the right things done - by the dean of business and management philosophy, Peter F. Drucker. Topics:
Productivity Book Summary Thumbnail
The Power of Habit Summary – Charles Duhigg
8 MINUTE READ | The Power of Habit is a page-turning dive into the power and ubiquity of unconscious habits in shaping our decisions and destinies (plus a practical guide to changing them) - by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Charles Duhigg. Topics:
Productivity Book Summary Thumbnail
The Slight Edge Summary – Jeff Olson
10 MINUTE READ | The Slight Edge is a short, punchy, practical guide to the why, what and how of using simple daily disciplines to achieve breakthrough success - by serial entrepreneur, speaker and author, Jeff Olson. Topics:

Productivity: Articles

You’ll find my best articles, video training and guides on productivity in the TRACKTION Productivity Masterclass but here’s a few thought-starters for now…

Productivity Articles Thumbnail
111+ Productivity Hacks: The Ultimate Productivity & Time Management Index
7 MINUTE READ | An index and glossary of the most important and practical productivity hacks out there. Covers everything from the compound effect and setting clear daily priorities to SMART goals, the 80/20 principle and weekly planning. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
25 Good Daily Habits: FREE List + 8,000 Person Study Results
5 MINUTE READ | A list of the 25 top daily habits for success that I teach in my coaching programmes PLUS the results of how many people stick to each habit, and how often, from over 8,000 folks who've taken TAoL's awesome FREE productivity quiz. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
800+ FREE Character Traits List (+ How to Develop a Good Character)
19 MINUTE READ | The ultimate guide to changing the character traits (the habits of thinking, acting and feeling) that make you you. Includes a step-by-step guide, 99 positive and negative character trait examples, a FREE printable 800 trait PDF and free productivity templates and trait trackers. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Are You Making This ONE Productivity Mistake?
4 MINUTE READ | A quick guide to the #1 reason I see people fall off the wagon again and again again (AND how to anticipate and avoid it without breaking a sweat). Includes a real-life example of how I set weekly goals. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Avoiding Burnout: How NOT to Burn Out (Again)…
3 MINUTE READ | What's the secret to showing up day-in-day out and making progress week after week after week? Find out in this quick guide to unlocking the power of compounding and achieving your goals faster than you ever thought possible. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
BRAIN: A handy, 5-step, decision-making framework.
2 MINUTE READ | A super quick breakdown of BRAIN; one of the most practical and memorable decision making frameworks I've ever come across. Don't make another major (or minor) decision until you've learned these 5 steps... Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Core Values 101: The Ultimate Guide and Core Values List
14 MINUTE READ | A comprehensive guide to understanding, defining and living by core values - personally and as a company or team. Includes a list of examples, links to real-life core values statements plus some unique stories and insights from my time as a consultant at McKinsey. Topics: ,
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Creativity vs. Productivity: It’s Not a Thing. Here’s Why…
3 MINUTE READ | In this short post, I bust a common misunderstanding that holds creative people back from powerful tools and ideas that can help them innovate like never before. And vice-versa, for productive people who mistakenly believe that being efficient means always being constrained and dogmatic. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Empathic Listening: Stop Trying To Fix Your Friend’s Problems!
4 MINUTE READ | A short story about my own struggles with empathic listening and a quick guide to the importance and power of holding space, instead of always trying to solve people's problems. Topics: ,
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Ethos Pathos Logos: The 3 Modes Of Persuasion
6 MINUTE READ | A quick overview of ethos, pathos and logos - the three modes of persuasion first used and mastered by Ancient Greek orators - and a framework still valuable today for convincing others to change their minds or take action. Topics: ,
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Evening Routines: How To Master Every Evening (And Why It Matters)
4 MINUTE READ | A quick article on why evening routines are so important PLUS a practical two-step guide to setting every evening up for success so you can start every morning on purpose. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
FREE Weekly Planner Template To Ace Your Weekly Schedule
8 MINUTE READ | A free, downloadable, printable weekly planner template PLUS a practical 5-step guide on exactly how and when to use it to help you set every week up for success. Topics: ,
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
GET BACK UP: Why And How You Should NEVER Quit Trying
4 MINUTE READ | A quick inspirational article on the importance and power of never giving up as the ONLY way to unlock the power of consistent compounding and hit your goals faster. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Hofstadter’s Law: Why It’s A Pain In My Butt (And 5 Ways To Hack It…)
6 MINUTE READ | A quick guide to why everything ALWAYS takes longer than you expected PLUS a handful of helpful strategies to get better at estimating task length and never miss a deadline again. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
How Brian Unlocked More Family-Time WITHOUT Compromising on Career
4 MINUTE READ | A powerful, inspirational story of how Brian used a handful of simple productivity tricks to radically cut down his working hours, create headspace and spend more time with his family every week WITHOUT compromising on performance. Topics: ,
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
How Chris DOUBLED His Sales AND Found More Balance WITHOUT Working Harder
4 MINUTE READ | A Short, inspirational story about how Chris used weekly planning and daily time tracking to find more space in his day for the things in his business and life that really make a difference. Topics: ,
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
How Ella Landed $20k In Clients By Doing Less…
3 MINUTE READ | A short, inspiring story (and video testimonial) about how Ella used TAOL's TRACKTION Planner to take back control of her time and get clear on which parts of life were holding her back (and how to fix them). Topics: ,
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
How Erin Built An 8-FIGURE Business In 18 Months WITHOUT Giving Up Her Life
4 MINUTE READ | A short, inspiring story about how Erin used the principles I teach in my TRACKTION Masterclass to grow her business from 6-figures to 8-figures in less than 2 years WITHOUT giving up the rest of her life. Topics: ,
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
How Nick Unlocked More Time For Creativity WITHOUT Neglecting His Business
4 MINUTE READ | A short, inspiring story about how Nick used the principles from TRACKTION to connect his big goals to his day-to-day activities and unlock more time and headspace to unleash his creativity. Topics: ,
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
How Sean DOUBLED His Productivity Overnight WITHOUT Working Harder
4 MINUTE READ | A short inspiring story about how digital nomad, Sean, embraced the principles of TRACKTION to overcome the overwhelm of having too much control over his time to get more done and start each day on purpose. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
How To Drink More Water (Also, What Colour Is Your Pee?)
4 MINUTE READ | A quick, practical guide to NOT being one of the 42% of people who set themselves up for failure by not drinking enough water each day (includes a handy pee chart so you know how dehydrated you are). Topics: ,
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
How To Keep Getting Stuff Done Even On Really Hard Days (A Short Poem)
1 MINUTE READ | A very short poem to remind you that the most important part of getting ahead is never giving up and that, when life feels hard, you're not on your own - we're all right there with you. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
How to Live Life on Purpose (No Regrets!)
3 MINUTE READ | This short, inspirational article will show you why it's so important to start each day on purpose AND exactly how to do it. Learn like you'll live forever. Live like you'll die tomorrow. Carpe diem. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
How To Love Yourself AND Still Feel Motivated
3 MINUTE READ | Here's a question I get all the time: "“If I already love myself, just as I am – then how will I find the motivation to get better? Won’t I just sit on my butt and do nothing?” This article will show you the answer... Topics: ,
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
How To Prioritise Like A Boss (3 Simple Tricks)
4 MINUTE READ | In this short article, I'll run you through 3 powerful ways to prioritise practically anything including how to use your gut, 2-dimensional decision matrices and multi-dimensional ranking algorithms. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
How to Put What You Read into Action (Do This Every Day!)
3 MINUTE READ | In this short article I'll teach you a rapid 7-step process ANYONE can use to put more of what they read in books, articles and guides into action by changing a few small things you do every day. Topics: , ,
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
How To Stay Motivated: 3 Simple Tricks To Hack Motivation
4 MINUTE READ | In this bite-sized guide I'll show you three powerful ways to rephrase, reframe and rethink your goals to help you wake up every day feeling excited and motivated to keep doing what matters most. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
How To Stop Being So Lazy (My #1 Secret Trick)
3 MINUTE READ | A short article that'll show you EXACTLY how I use weekly goals, daily planning and time-tracking to do more, faster, with less effort, every day instead of giving in to the strong temptation to just lie on the sofa and do nothing. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
How To Stop Procrastinating: 21 Simple Ways To Get Started
16 MINUTE READ | In this ultimate guide to learning how to stop procrastinating, I'll show you how to work out WHEN you procrastinate and WHY before show you exactly HOW to get started (and keep getting stuff done) no matter what's holding you back. Topics: ,
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Laddering: Why Multitasking ISN’T A Myth…
3 MINUTE READ | In this short article I'll show you one of the most powerful productivity tricks of all time (inspired by a powerful language learning trick) that you can start using instantly to multitask like a master and pack WAY more into each day. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Master Your Morning Routine: 8 Ways to Win Before Others Begin
11 MINUTE READ | Whether you struggle to wake up early or you're already up at 5 AM, this article will show you EXACTLY WHY you should and HOW to make the most of your mornings so you can start each day on the right foot and on purpose. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Mindful Moments: How to get SMART around mindfulness…
3 MINUTE READ | In this short article I'll show you my favourite simple, yet powerful trick to finding more peace of mind (and boost your performance) by bringing mindfulness out of meditation and into the rest of your day. Topics: ,
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Pomodoro 101: A 5-Minute Guide To The Pomodoro Technique (Step-By-Step)
4 MINUTE READ | In this short article I'll cover 6 commonly asked questions about the pomodoro technique (from what it is to how to use it) to help you master one of the simplest and most powerful productivity hacks of all time. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Pro Productivity Tip: Don’t Do What I Just Did…
3 MINUTE READ | In this short article we'll talk about why and how to avoid getting injured playing sport and why that lesson is such a powerful thing to learn for anyone trying to accomplish anything in any area of life. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Procrastination Definition: What Is Procrastination?
1 MINUTE READ | In this über short-article we'll discuss 4 different ways to define procrastination, introduce the concept of PREcrastination and learn the surprising truth about why procrastination isn't always your enemy. Topics: ,
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Short-Term Goals: How to Set Weekly Goals Towards Success
11 MINUTE READ | In this brief guide to personal, short-term goal setting I'll show you a simple 5-step process for setting powerful, SMART, short-term goals AND share 30+ real life examples of short-term goal setting. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
So, You’ve Got a Productivity Problem… What Next?
3 MINUTE READ | A bite-sized article in which I talk about the importance of defining what productivity even is, what it means to you, before you dive in and try solving the problem. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Struggled to Get out of Bed This Morning? Here’s Why (It’s Not What You Think)
4 MINUTE READ | In this short article I introduce the ideas of saturation vs. tiredness vs. fatigue and why knowing what they are, and which one you're suffering from, is critical to understanding why you're struggling to get big things done every day. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Taking Breaks: When Stopping Is Even More Important Than Starting
3 MINUTE READ | In this short article we discuss why, how and when to take breaks and why STOPPING what you're doing right now might be the most important thing you do today to actually get way more things done. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
The 7 Best Planners: A Detailed Review of Daily Planners in 2020
13 MINUTE READ | In this guide we take a look at 7 of the best daily planners on the market (including TAoL's awesome TRACKTION Planner) and share some pros, cons and price points to help you pick out your next planner. Topics: ,
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
The 7 Secrets of Highly Competent People
3 MINUTE READ | In this short article I share the simple 7-part framework I work through when I'm helping my clients work out what's holding them back and how to get more done each day. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
The Art of Journal Meditation: Finding Zen and Solving Problems
7 MINUTE READ | In this guide to journalling I'll talk you through why journalling is so powerful, what kinds of thinking it works for and show you EXACTLY how to solve all your problems (and clear your head) by getting your thoughts down on paper. Topics: ,
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
The Simplervention: 5 Steps And 30-Days To Simplify Your Life
Here we go again. Another day, another frantic bolt from start to finish. Another baseline of anxiety, punctuated by stress, numbed by sporadic distraction. Your treadmill is running too fast - so fast that rest, exercise, hobbies and time with your loved ones all feel like childhood fantasies. You're busy, you're always too busy.  "Why am I always behind? Why does each day feel too short?" you wonder helplessly, "Why can't life just be simple?" And yet life can be simple. Your life can be simple. And you already have everything needed to get there. "But how?" I hear you… Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
The Top 5 Productivity Habits We All Struggle With
So, for some reason I totally forgot that the best thing about The Art of Living’s new productivity quiz was the mind-blowing data it'd generate. And if there’s one thing I love more than marmite (🇬🇧), it’s data. I literally love it. 😍 Like, this much: Anyhow, I’ll be sharing lots more insights over the coming months but I want to share two quick things with you now. First - I’m going to let you in on the preliminary results from the quiz. I’ll share the top 5 productivity habits that most of us seem to be struggling with. And…… Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
The Trouble with Time Blocking (Who Else Has a Calendar like This?)
Thursday, 5:36 AM December 2, 2019 Hey friend, Sorry for the radio silence last week. I didn’t want to add to the chaos of your Black Friday inbox... Anyhow, now sanity is restored - back to business! Do you remember how last time we talked about the biggest productivity problem people face? The fact that they often don’t realise they have a productivity problem in the first place? If you don't remember, go re-read that email, print it out and staple it to the forehead of your chattiest co-worker. Done that? Ok, awesome. Now hold that thought, because we’ll come… Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
The Ultimate Habit Tracker Guide: Template + List of Good Habits
Values →← Quick-Start Home The Ultimate Habit Tracking Guide (+ Habit Tracker Template + List of 101 Good Habits) [rt_reading_time postfix="MINUTE READ"] [cp_popup display="inline" style_id="14044" step_id = "1"][/cp_popup] If I could wish for one superpower, the ability to turn good, compounding behaviours into habits wouldn't be my first choice (hello #timetravel ⏳). But it would be close. Because it's a fact: hacking your habits is hands-down one of the most valuable life skills you can master. If you learn only ONE thing this decade, make this it. And yet most of us are shockingly bad at it. Partly because we… Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Tiered Goal Setting: The Secret To Perpetual Motion
So, I’m super behind this week upgrading the weekly free-training and I was considering skipping out on this email. (One of the most powerful ways to get big things done is to get comfortable with intentionally letting other things occasionally fall off your plate.) Then I realised it’s a great chance to talk about one of my other favourite productivity tricks: Tiering - a powerful way to keep up momentum on any goal or a habit, even when you face unexpected setbacks or find yourself swamped. Here’s how it works: Take an outcome or habit you’re working on; Convert it into 2… Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Time Quotes: 25+ BEST Quotes About Time (And Using It Wisely)
12 MINUTE READ | This list of my 25 top quotes about time will remind you how short life really is and inspire you to make the most of each minute, hour and day that you can. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
What To Do When You Hit Your Goals (Escaping The Momentum Trap)
I’m having one of those weeks where a whole load of things come together. I published the first version of my book. I finished a 365-day meditation journey. I FINALLY cleared out my backlog of flashcards. But instead of feeling happy with what I’ve accomplished, I feel a bit empty and lost. I don’t know if you’ve ever stepped off a treadmill after a long run. There’s this weird feeling like your body wants to keep moving forwards, even though there’s nowhere to go. It’s not totally dissimilar to that. And you know what? That’s OK. Sure, it’s uncomfortable. It… Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
What’s The Meaning Of Life? 4 Ways Out Of Your Next Existential Crisis
The primary driving force in us all is a search for meaning. With meaning, we flourish; without it, we struggle at every step. Why? Because motivation requires motive. And the absence of motivation is a direct route to boredom, darkness and depression. For thousands of years, thinkers have agonised over an ultimate 'why': Why do we exist? Why are we here? What does it all mean? Though seductive, it's a path of mental gymnastics with two inexorable outcomes: that (a) 'life is ultimately meaningless' or that (b) 'the meaning of life lies beyond our (human) comprehension'. The good news for… Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Wheel of Life Template (FREE + Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide)
7 MINUTE READ | This quick guide will introduce you to the power of the wheel of life in finding balance, as well as mapping out the 8 areas of life I use in TRACKTION and TAOL's daily planner to help you do more of what matters each day. Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Why Good Days Lead to Bad Days (And What to Do About It)
Tuesday, 5:46 AM November 12, 2019 Dear friend, Guess what? Things got back on track last week and it all came down to making sure I got 8 hours of sleep every night. Go figure. Isn’t it funny how the hardest thing to do in life is to follow your own good advice? It reminds me of “The Platinum Rule” - the idea that you should treat yourself with the same love and compassion that you’d treat others (i.e., way more than usual). Simple idea. Super hard to consistently put into practice. Anyway, things are going so well right now… Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Why Productivity Is Failing You… (+ The Three Phases of Productivity)
Tuesday, 6:46 AM December 17, 2019 Hey friend, So a few weeks ago we established that the biggest problem most people have is they don’t realise they have a great big productivity problem. They spend much of their lives stumbling into battle, blindfolded, naked, armed with a soft rubber chicken and wondering why getting what they want feels so difficult. Then last week we established that the second biggest problem people have is trying to "solve" productivity before structuring it. They try to eat an elephant in one piece. 🐘 They collect random tools, tips and tricks; they gather mismatched… Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Why You Procrastinate (And What To Do About It)
Thursday, 6:31 AM October 28, 2019 Dear friend, One of my favourite things about this co-working space (in Pererenan, Bali) is the family of cows that lives directly outside it. I’m feeling increasingly guilty about last night’s burger as I watch momma cow lovingly groom her two calves. It’s making me realise that the big reason I eat meat, burn oil and use plastic is how disconnected I am from the results of my actions. Anyway, that’s not what I want to talk about today (although there’s a good productivity lesson in there for another time). What I want to… Topics: ,
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Why Your Life Is a Mess… (And I’m Furious About It.)
I talk a lot about productivity, don’t I? It might seem repetitive but self-mastery is so important - so earth-shatteringly, so fundamentally life-changing - that it’s worth going on about. But do you know the biggest productivity problem I see people struggle with? The main thing that gets in their way day, after day, after day? The thing that trips them up year, after year, after year? The thing that really makes my blood boil? 🤬 I bet you can’t guess… Alright, I’ll tell you. The biggest problem I see most people facing when it comes to achieving their goals and living their… Topics:
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
You are enough, just as you are.
"Real love is accepting other people the way they are without trying to change them. If we try to change them it means we don't really like them." - Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements This wonderful quote says something I think we all know deep down. And yet it has an implication that is profound. One that I’ve struggled with most of my life and that I’d like to reflect on with you today. The most important person this quote applies to is you – it’s yourself. We live in a world where we constantly feel we don’t live up to expectations.… Topics: ,
Productivity Articles Thumbnail
Your SMART Goals Are Anti-Productive… Do This Instead.
So it’s week two in Bali and we’re deep in the hunt for a villa. We wanted to settle down fast so we booked 10 nights at a wonderful homestay and we decided to find our new nest before we ran out of time on our booking. But by the end of last weekend we were halfway to hitting our deadline and the perfect place still hadn’t popped up on our radar. We were sunburned, dehydrated and disappointed. We’d spent hours driving from from viewing to viewing to viewing, feeling increasingly anxious, frustrated and stressed. Which is crazy! I mean,… Topics:

Productivity: Interviews

Something I want to do a lot more of in the coming years is to bring you productivity insights, tips, tools and ideas from some of the astounding top-performers I meet. Watch this space as the guest list keeps growing.

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