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Arthur Worsley
by Arthur Worsley
M.A. Psychology, Oxford. McKinsey Alum. Founder & Editor at TAoL.

Looking for tools, books and articles on how to be more productive?

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There IS Another Way.

Welcome to the productivity section of The Art of Living.

  • Do you find there’s never enough time to get everything done?
  • Are you tired and frustrated with feeling stressed, anxious and guilty?
  • Do you finish each day and wonder what it is you actually accomplished (and why), despite working really, really hard?

Well, the good news is, you’re not alone. And there is another way.

The first thing to do is send yourself The Art of Living‘s 5 FREE personal productivity templates and check out the TRACKTION Productivity Planner. They’ll instantly help you get organised and start accomplishing more of what matters each day.

Next, bookmark this page and explore the growing library of recommended tools and free content below. No matter who or how busy you are, you’ll find at least one thing here today that is guaranteed to change your life.

Productivity: Recommended Tools

I spent a decade honing my TRACKTION life-management system in my own life (as a student at Oxford, as an entrepreneur and as a consultant at McKinsey) before teaching it to hundreds of people just like you. The result? The only three tools you need to become the most focussed, deliberate and productive person you know, guaranteed.

Productivity Primer


Can't believe they still don't teach productivity in school? It's not too late! Get organised and get more done with these 10 chapters of practical, time-saving productivity tips.



Want to get there faster? Use my daily planner, habit tracker and gratitude journal to reach your goals faster and make lasting improvements in every area of your life.

TRACKTION Masterclass


Get organised, hit your goals faster and easier, spend more time on projects and with people you love, connect with like-minded peers, enjoy weekly group coaching and more...

Productivity Coaching


Hire expert, 1-on-1 support to help you get clear on what success looks like, exactly how to get there and make sure what needs doing keeps getting done day-to-day.


Productivity: FREE Tools

Looking for some quick and easy ways to become more productive? You’re in the right place! I use the free tools and templates below every day in my own life and with my clients to make sure we stay focussed, productive and stress free.

Productivity Quiz


Curious how productive you really are? Take this 2-minute quiz to discover and download the full list of Top 25 Habits of Top Performers.
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Productivity Primer


Download a free chapter ("Step 9 - Beat Procrastination") from TAoL's ultimate productivity primer and discover how to get started NOW.
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Productivity Templates


Get 5 FREE powerful, printable, personal productivity templates to help you get organised and accomplish more of what matters each day.
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Productivity Weekly Planner


Get a FREE printable weekly planner template you can use to set goals in each area of life, plan your time and set every week up for success.
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Productivity: Book Recommendations

If there’s a book about productivity and performance I haven’t heard about, then my readers are very quick to point it out to me. You’ll find the best of my suggestions (and theirs) ordered by popularity and rating in the reading lists below:

Productivity: Book Summaries

I’ve read scores of books about productivity and over the next few years I plan to revisit the best of them in book summaries below. For now, here’s a few to get going.

Pressed for time? Start with The 7 Habits and Getting Things Done.

Book Summary Thumbnail
12 Rules for Life Summary – Jordan Peterson
20 MINUTE READ | A #1 international bestseller that distills some of life's toughest questions into accessible, practical advice - by the New York Times's "most influential public intellectual in the Western world right now," Jordan B. Peterson. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Atomic Habits Summary – James Clear
10 MINUTE READ | A powerful and practical guide to transforming your habits, making change stick and achieving remarkable results – by author and habit-guru, James Clear. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Deep Work Summary – Cal Newport
10 MINUTE READ | A timely reminder of the value of deep, focussed work and the dangers of losing yourself in the shallows of entertainment and distraction - by author and associate professor, Cal Newport. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Eat That Frog Summary – Brian Tracy
8 MINUTE READ | A punchy, concise guide to identifying what matters, setting powerful goals and then getting to work on them right away - by productivity and self-development legend, Brian Tracy. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Flow Summary – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
4 MINUTE READ | A bottom-up guide to finding success, growth and happiness through flow - an optimal experience of being, marked by total absorption and joy in the present - by psychology professor, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Getting Things Done Summary – David Allen
27 MINUTE READ | THE classic life-changing manual on getting organised and building a robust productivity system that can handle whatever life throws at you - by productivity guru, David Allen. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
How to Win Friends and Influence People Summary – Dale Carnegie
14 MINUTE READ | The classic guide to greatly improving effectiveness and efficiency by mastering the ability to work with and through the people around you – by self-improvement guru, Dale Carnegie. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Man’s Search for Meaning Summary – Viktor Frankl
3 MINUTE READ | A gruelling and yet deeply liberating insight into the why behind each of our whats and hows - by holocaust survivor, psychologist and founder of logotherapy, Viktor Frankl. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Meditations Summary – Marcus Aurelius
9 MINUTE READ | A deeply humbling and thought-provoking insight into the stoic mindset of one of history's greatest leaders and thinkers - by Roman emperor, philosopher and example to us all, Marcus Aurelius. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Mindset Summary – Carol Dweck
5 MINUTE READ | A research-grounded dive into the self-fulfilling nature and impact of Fixed- and Growth-Mindset beliefs in personal development - by social and developmental psychology professor, Carol Dweck. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Optimal Living 101 Summary – Brian Johnson
23 MINUTE READ | A fantastic synthesis of ancient and modern wisdom into a single manifesto on how to live well - by author, coach and modern-day philosopher, Brian Johnson. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Stop Working Harder Summary – Arthur Worsley
7 MINUTE READ | TAoL's ultimate guide to defeating distractions, beating procrastination, setting each day up for success, getting organised and generally getting more done - by thinker, writer and coach, Arthur Worsley. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
The 4-Hour Work Week Summary – Tim Ferriss
21 MINUTE READ | One of the most influential books on the reading list of nearly every successful digital nomad and online business owner I've ever met - by serial entrepreneur, life-hacker and pod-casting legend, Tim Ferriss. Topics: , ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Summary – Stephen Covey
34 MINUTE READ | A perennial masterpiece on leading a happy, productive and purposeful existence and an unmissable stop for any pilgrim of personal improvement - by educator, author and speaker, Stephen Covey. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Compound Effect Summary – Darren Hardy
14 MINUTE READ | A concise, practical guide to mastering small choices that determine big outcomes which dictate the course of your life - by best selling author, publisher and motivational speaker, Darren Hardy. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Effective Executive Summary – Peter F. Drucker
8 MINUTE READ | THE timeless classic on leadership and management; on getting the right things done - by the dean of business and management philosophy, Peter F. Drucker. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Magic of Thinking Big Summary – David J. Schwartz
12 MINUTE READ | A powerful, practical and uplifting book to help get you out of a rut, invigorate your goals and empower you towards success - by life-long motivational writer and coach, David J. Schwartz. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Power of Habit Summary – Charles Duhigg
9 MINUTE READ | A page-turning dive into the power and ubiquity of unconscious habits in shaping our decisions and destinies (plus a practical guide to changing them) - by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Charles Duhigg. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
The Slight Edge Summary – Jeff Olson
11 MINUTE READ | A short, punchy, practical guide to the why, what and how of using simple daily disciplines to achieve breakthrough success - by serial entrepreneur, speaker and author, Jeff Olson. Topics:
Book Summary Thumbnail
Think and Grow Rich Summary – Napoleon Hill
13 MINUTE READ | A best-selling book of all time and a cornerstone guide to the Law of Attraction and the role of the subconscious in transforming your life - by a titan of the self-help genre, Napoleon Hill. Topics: ,
Book Summary Thumbnail
Who Moved My Cheese Summary – Dr. Spencer Johnson
5 MINUTE READ | A short, light-hearted parable about the different ways we respond to life's changes and how doing so skillfully can help us find more success and happines in our lives - by best-selling author, Dr. Spencer Johnson. Topics: ,

Productivity: Articles

You’ll find my best articles, video training and guides on productivity in the TRACKTION Productivity Masterclass but here’s a few thought-starters for now…

Productivity: Interviews

Something I want to do a lot more of in the coming years is to bring you productivity insights, tips, tools and ideas from some of the astounding top-performers I meet. Watch this space as the guest list keeps growing.

Note: Click here to explore all TAoL‘s interviews…

Wish There Was a Faster/Easier Way?

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Arthur Worsley
I founded TAoL to discover and share the best wisdom on how to live long and prosper. Before that I studied Psychology, Philosophy & Physiology at Oxford and consulted at McKinsey. Still curious? Learn more or take my FREE productivity quiz.