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The Top 5 Productivity Habits We All Struggle With

Arthur Worsley
by Arthur Worsley
M.A. Psychology, Oxford. McKinsey Alum. Founder & Editor at TAoL.

So, for some reason I totally forgot that the best thing about The Art of Living’s new productivity quiz was the mind-blowing data it’d generate.

And if there’s one thing I love more than marmite (🇬🇧), it’s data.

I literally love it. 😍

Like, this much:

Productivity Habits

Anyhow, I’ll be sharing lots more insights over the coming months but I want to share two quick things with you now.

First – I’m going to let you in on the preliminary results from the quiz. I’ll share the top 5 productivity habits that most of us seem to be struggling with. And…

Second – I’m going to give you some super quick, practical next actions for each of those habits so you can get to work building them into your life.

Sound good?

BEFORE YOU READ ON – If you haven’t taken the survey already…

Go check it out now:

It’ll teach you some awesome new habits, give you a Productivity Quotient (PQ) you can use to see (and track) how productive you really are and it also takes less than 2 minutes.

Done that?

Alllllllrighty then. Let’s dive right in to the good stuff and reveal…


The Top 5 Productivity Habits We All Struggle With

(plus some quick next actions to build each of them into your life…)

Starting with habit number…


5. I spend at least 20 minutes each day in meditation or prayer.

Over 80% of us only rarely or sometimes find 20 minutes to really connect with our thoughts, our emotions and the sensations in our body each day.

I could (and probably will) write thousands of words on this topic, but suffice to say – this habit alone is a game-changer.

If there’s only ONE thing you do this year that will transform the rest of your life, THIS is it.

I won’t say more now, but here are the TED talk and book that first got me hooked:

The TED talk:

The book:

N.B., They’re both VERY accessible (no crystals or chanting or incense required). So, if you’re new to meditation, or you’ve struggled with it in the past, check them out.

For now, though, let’s move on to habit number…


4. I make time each week to plan and set the next 7 days up for success.

Ah, the weekly review.

81% of us struggle with this one. And that’s a shame because it’s insanely important.

So much so, that I spend a full 15 minutes on it during TAoL’s weekly free training call.

If you want to learn more the best thing you can do is sign up for that here:

And in the meantime, don’t go another day without mastering habit number…


3. I write down at least three things I’m grateful for each day.

82% of us only rarely or sometimes make this happen.

Which is a shame because it’s probably the easiest habit to implement on this list.

It’s also my favourite part of my day and the last thing I fill out in my planner each evening:

Here’s an inspirational TED talk that’s worth listening to:

And a nicely balanced, short article from Harvard Health:

All you really need, thought, is a pen, some paper and 30 seconds to get started.

Pause, reflect on and write down three people or things that are awesome in your life for an instant dose of endorphins and perspective.

And while we reflect on reflection (#meta), let’s get to our penultimate habit. Number…


2. I make time each week to get clear, get current and reflect on the last 7 days.

Back to the weekly review, and it turns out 85% of us leave a trail of chaos and untapped opportunities for improvement in our wake at the end of each week.

If you ever feel like your head might explode because you’ve got so much to keep track of, or if you’re constantly stressed out and anxious, then this habit’s for you.

Hands down the best place to learn more is my summary of this wonderful book:

Go check it out. It transformed my life. And I guarantee it’ll rock your world too.

Which brings us to our final habit…

The number one thing we all struggle with when it comes to getting things done….


1. I check in with my written big-picture vision and mission statements at least once per week.

A whopping 88% of us are struggling through life with no idea where we’re actually going.

I’ve written a lot about this in the past. And I’ll cover it again and again in the future.

Here’s a snapshot of my take on (and solution to) the problem (plus some powerful stories from people who’ve discovered the power of this habit first hand):

The best news, though, is that connecting why you’re here to what you get on with tomorrow is the entire focus of our weekly free-training.

So the best thing you can do is come along to our next call to learn more 👆🤗


And that’s all for today!

A whistle-stop tour through the 5 productivity habits everyone struggles with (plus some quick next actions to build each of them into your life…)

I hope that was helpful. I hope you learned something new. And I’m looking forward to diving way deeper into each of these topics with you in the future.

If you haven’t taken the productivity quiz yet, go check it out:

You’ll learn how productive you really are, you’ll get to download the full list of 25 habits and the whole thing takes less than 2 minutes.

And otherwise, good luck, be awesome, go well and remember:

“You are what you repeatedly do.”

And those things are 100% up to you.


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