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3. How to Refresh Your TRACKTION Planner Each Week

Closing out last week and setting up next week in your planner should take about 15 – 30 minutes, once a week.

(I like to do this on a Sunday but so long as you reset the cycle at the end of your week it doesn’t really matter what day you choose!)

Closing Out Last Week

To close out last week:

  1. Calculate your habit, value and metric scores in your 4-Week Focus Pages; and
  2. Use the space in your Weekly Pages to reflect on the last seven days.

The three questions to ask yourself are:

  • What went well this week?
  • What lessons did I learn?
  • What opportunities do I have to make the next seven days 1% better?

As with your daily reflection, don’t rush!

Instead, imagine you were giving well-intentioned feedback to a loved one or colleague. The more thoughtful and specific you are, the greater the benefit.

TIP: For more ideas on finding data and inspiration to really get the most from these questions, see the Reflection part of this guide.

Setting Up Next Week

Setting next week up for success is simple! Simply follow exactly the same steps you took to set up your first Weekly Pages. (I did say we’d already learned most of it!)

And that’s all there is to it! You’ve captured your learnings from last week and lined next week up for a win.

The only thing left at the end of four weeks is to make time for your Monthly Ritual ➡️➡️

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