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1% Better: The Art & Power of Frequent Reflection

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Conscious and consistent reflection on each day and week’s wins, lessons and opportunities for improvement is one of the most valuable habits you can build.

Review your daily trackers, ideal vs. actual schedules and priority actions for things to celebrate and things to work on.

Make your opportunities for improvement concrete and actionable, then add them to your master todo list.

This will ensure you take action and get the full benefit of your reflection rather than settling for impractical fluff.

  • What’s on My Mind – Sometimes you’ll already feel strongly about the answers to the questions above. In which case, go with your gut and write from your heart.
  • The Target vs. Actual Scores in my Trackers – The difference between your target and actual scores for your habits, values and metrics is a rich mine of information for what went well and what could be improved on the previous week. Look for examples of under and over delivery. And remember, exceeding targets isn’t always a good thing if it robs attention from other parts of your life.
  • Your Weekly Goals – There are some weeks where I hit all my weekly goals and others where I barely hit any. Both outcomes can give you a lot of useful information about yout life.

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