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Powerful Personal KPIs (and How to Track Progress)

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Where habits are ✓ or ✘ behaviours, metrics (or Key Performance Indicators – KPIs) relate to anything you count or measure.

They help you track progress and answer questions like, “How many calories did I eat?”, “What time did I wake up?” or “How many mindful moments did I take today?”

Your first metric must relate to the lowest scoring area from your most recent Wheel of Life. The remaining four spots can relate to other areas you might like to work on (or help sustain previous areas of focus).

With metrics, you can either set targets right away or collect one week of data, then set next week’s target based on this week to gradually improve performance.


Examples of Powerful Personal KPIs

One quick way to create useful metrics is to simply count or measure habits. So for example, “Did I stick to my diet?” becomes “How many calories did I eat?” or “Did I wake up early?” becomes “What time did I wake up?”.

This can make it easier to ease into and track big behavioural shifts. (Although, for some people and with certain behaviours, snap changes may prove more effective.)

To find the approach that works best for you, experiment. To come up with behaviours to tackle, check out the Habits section of the guide.

In the meantime, here are a few standalone metrics that you might also find useful.

(As always, the list is far from exhaustive. Feel free to supplement it with your own and leave a suggestion in the comments if you have metrics to share!)


Health & Vitality Metrics

  • Resting heart rate (bpm)
  • Body weight (lb/kg)
  • Body fat (%)
  • Body measurements (cm/in)
  • Steps taken (#)
  • Distance run (km)
  • Calories consumed (kcals)
  • Portions of fruit and vegetables consumed (#)
  • Hours slept (hours)

Thoughts & Emotions Metrics

  • Meditation / Prayer: Time (mins)
  • Mindful moments (#)

Friends & Family Metrics

  • Time with friends (mins)
  • Time with family (mins)

Love & Partnership Mtrics

  • Mutually positive interactions (#)
  • Disagreements (#)

Growth & Learning

  • Reading: Pages (#)
  • Reading: Time (mins)
  • Flashcards memorised (#)
  • Time studied (mins)

Productivity & Performance

  • Deep work: Time (mins)
  • Deep work: Sessions (#)
  • Pommodoros (#)
  • Unproductive screen time (mins)

Business & Career

  • Emails: First checked (time)
  • Emails: Sent or Received (#)
  • Calls: First call (time)
  • Calls: Made or Received (#)
  • Meetings: First meeting (time)
  • Meetings: Total time in (mins)
  • Worked: Time (hours)
  • Effective hourly rate (USD/hour)

Wealth & Lifestyle

  • Income (USD)
  • Expenses (USD)
  • Hobbies: Time spent on (mins)

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