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2. How to use Your TRACKTION Planner Day-To-Day

The TRACKTION Planner‘s emphasis on daily action is what makes it different.

Its philosophy? Do the right things, in the right areas, consistently, over time and the big goals will look after themselves.

If you’ve set up your planner, you should have a checklist of Priority Actions and an Ideal Schedule to work from. If not, follow these steps to get started.

Each Morning

Your Daily Ritual begins right away. As early as possible…

  1. Review the day’s Ideal Schedule and Today’s Top Priorities; and
  2. (From day 2) Review your Opportunities For Improvement from the previous day.

TIP: It’s easy to overlook these steps, but a 2-minute review of these pages is a super effective way to remind you of what matters most and set your day up for success.

During the Day

Keep your planner close by so you can…

  1. Track your Actual Schedule as you go through the day; and
  2. Cross off Today’s Top Priorities and Other Actions as you accomplish them.

TIP: Time tracking can take getting used to, but once it’s a habit, you’ll realise how incredibly powerful it is. For more on this, see the Ideal and Actual Schedules part of the guide.

Review and stick as close to your Ideal Schedule and Priority Actions as possible. Use them to stay focused on what matters most and refer to them when deciding what to do next.

Each Evening

One of the most important parts of your day is your evening review. Missing them is like missing a heartbeat. Even one skip will markedly set-back your progress.

Do your evening review as late as you can (ideally at the end of the day) but no later – even if that means running the process at 2 PM.

  1. Record your day’s performance in your active habit, value and metric trackers.
  2. Review your trackers, priorities and schedules then reflect on:
    • What went well today?
    • What lessons did I learn?
    • What opportunities do I have to make tomorrow 1% better?
    • What are you most grateful for today?

TIP: Don’t rush reflection. Instead, imagine you were giving well-intentioned feedback to a loved one or colleague. The more thoughtful and specific you are, the greater the benefit.

  1. Transfer any incomplete Priority Actions from today to tomorrow.
  2. Repeat the process to set up your first Daily Pages to line tomorrow up for a win.

That’s it! Once these activities become habits they shouldn’t take more than 15 – 30 minutes a day (total). And you’ll quickly find the return on your time at least ten times that.

Keep setting up, tracking and knocking down your days until the end of the week. Then with seven days under your belt, it’s time for your Weekly Ritual ➡️➡️

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