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How to Set (And Stick to) Today’s Top Priorities


Set Daily Priorities

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To decide on your top 6 daily priorities, first review your calendar and your to-do lists for actions that if not completed tomorrow will have major consequences on you or others.

Next, set ONE next action that if you completed it tomorrow would take you one small step closer to realising your ONE outcome. Write this next to the (1) in the table.

Finally, reviewing your master to-do list, ask yourself the following question “If I only had time to complete one thing on this list tomorrow, what would it be?”

Write this one action down in the table. Then, imagining that action were completed, keep asks yourself the same question until all 5 spots in the table are filled.

Finally, review the 5 actions and reflect on their order of importance. Is it sill in the order you wrote them in? Use the empty circles next to each action to label them from 2 – 6 in order of priority for completion tomorrow.

The results should look something like this:

Daily Priorities Example

Depending on time and context, you won’t always be able to work on your highest priority action at any one time. But whenever you have a choice between two or more actions, you should ALWAYS work on a higher priority action before a lower priority action.

At the end of the day, incomplete and still relevant priority actions onto tomorrow’s top priority table. You may find it helpful to reflect on why those actions weren’t completed and what you can do to avoid the same thing happening again.


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