TRACKTION Planner Quick-Start Area

Welcome to the quick-start area for your new TRACKTION Planner!

The best way to start using your planner is just to start using it. Like any tool, it’ll take practice to master. Use a pencil or erasable pen if you’re worried about making mistakes.

If this is your first planner and you’d like some more guidance, start with the rituals section below. If you’ve been using your TRACKTION Planner for some time, you may find my notes in both the ritual and section-by-section guides helpful for learning new tricks.

If you haven’t got a planner yet, what are you waiting for? 🤦‍♂️ Order your first beautifully designed, 232-page hard copy today for just $24.97 with free global shipping.

For questions and feedback – check out the support section at the end of the page.

That’s all for now, have fun exploring and good luck!


Guides on seting up and mastering your planner, step-by-step.


Section-by-section deep-dives, including pre-filled examples and cheatsheets.


For questions and feedback, leave a comment below (or in the relevant section of the quick-start area), get in touch or email me at [email protected]

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  1. Shela says:

    Got the planner, thank you! Still taking some time to adapt to all of the extra writing, tracking, and reflecting each day.

    One thing that would make this planner better for me is if the weekly pages included quotes from people with a mix of different backgrounds, including women and people from non-Western backgrounds.

  2. Francisco Fernandes says:

    Dear Arthur, just wanted to let you know that I received the planner. Quite fast may I say. Overall, I like it. I look into it to check if everything was okay. Thank you.

    • Arthur says:

      Fantastic stuff, Francisco. Enjoy the quick-start area and looking forward to hearing how you get along!

      All the best, Arthur 🙌

  3. Virginia SmallFry says:

    I just opened my new Traction Planner. My young (7) friend Aveah is here with me and she is also excited because she loves popping bubble wrap. The planner looks clean and efficient, quite professional, possessing huge potential, I notice the three ribbons the back envelop. Next up. I will start by filling in the week one through four wheel of Life.

    • Arthur says:

      Hi, Virginia! Super pleased to hear your planner’s arrived and that the bubble wrap was a success 🙃

      If you get stuck on the Wheel of Life you’ll find lots more detail in this article. Also, don’t forget the step-by-step set up guide!

      Let me know in the comments section in either of those if you have any questions. Otherwise, keep us posted on how you’re getting along!

  4. Janice Lindner says:

    I have received my planner thank you. I need a little more time to set up and properly understand how to use it. The physical appearance is great.

    Jan Lindner

    • Arthur says:

      Thanks, Jan! Great to hear it’s arrived safe and sound.

      You’ll find a step by step set-up guide here.

      Any questions at all, just leave a comment on there or in the appropriate section of the guide!