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How Nick Unlocked More Time For Creativity WITHOUT Neglecting His Business

Arthur Worsley
by Arthur Worsley
M.A. Psychology, Oxford. McKinsey Alum. Founder & Editor at TAoL.

TRACKTION Review - Nick K

This is Nick 👆and he’s a creative freelancer and entrepreneur.

He’s also a father, a husband, a mixed martial artist, a polymath, a great cook and a crafter of some of the most stunning bespoke jewellery you’ve ever seen.

Needless to say, Nick’s a busy guy. But what he values more than anything is finding that intense state of flow that “fills me with joy and fuels my deepest creativity.

But like many of the best makers I know, Nick had a problem…

Life kept on getting in the way.

I had a vague notion of what I wanted to accomplish and I wanted to organise all my projects and ideas in a system so I wouldn’t have to keep them in my head”, Nick told me, “but I found myself constantly bogged down by other tasks.

On top of that…

My big goals and day-to-day tasks felt totally disconnected and despite working regularly on various projects, I found myself never quite getting the important ones done.

Sound familiar?

Now, Nick’s not unproductive. He’s read books. He’s taken courses. He found TAoL through my work on accelerated learning and my write-up of Getting Things Done.

But traditional time and task management simply weren’t serving him.

Instead of more time for creativity, he felt frustrated.

I was becoming more and more organised and efficient at doing irrelevant things but I wasn’t finding time to create things; I wasn’t getting closer to my purpose.

Luckily, that’s when when Nick stepped up and signed up for TRACKTION; TAoL’s 6-week holistic productivity masterclass.

What drew me to TRACKTION was that it addresses the WHY and the HOW rather than just the WHAT.

In our training and group coaching calls, I showed Nick how to work out where his time really went, how to get clear on and stop doing what DIDN’T matter, how to work out what DID matter and how to use simple, light-weight systems and rituals to get clear and connect up the dots.

Getting clear on WHY gave me unprecedented clarity. But it was taking the next step (the HOW) and creating a fluid yet simple system to move towards that mission which is where TRACKTION really shined. When I composed my mission and visions and later saw how these grand ideas would flow neatly into concrete and achievable tasks, THAT’s when the proverbial lightning struck the ground.

Nick’s verdict?

GTD, delegation, and other initiatives become meaningful only if you have the WHY. Taking the time to formulate that purpose/mission/vision and then structure the whole system around it is pure genius.


Thanks to TRACKTION I have more clarity of purpose and make decisions more easily. I have new routines that gently guide the course of the day/week/month. I see how my daily actions move me towards or away from my grand plan. I have a more structured day AND a clear head, with room to contemplate, meditate, create, and be mindful.

With just a few simple tweaks and a little more structure to his thinking, Nick went from frustrated and bogged down and suffocating to organised and agile and excited.

He’s spending more time with his family, he’s got more time for hobbies AND he’s discovered new levels of flow, headspace and energy.

He’s back to full-time creativity WITHOUT using complex or restrictive productivity systems and WITHOUT worrying about life trying to get in the way.

And the best part is THIS 👆 is exactly the same journey I want to take you on.

My only goal is to help you go through the same transformation as Nick; to help you do more of what matters, find more balance and live life on purpose WITHOUT working crazy hours and WITHOUT building tiresome and complicated productivity systems.

So, if you’re fed up with tackling this alone; if you want me to show you the answers; if you want to invest a small part of this week into FINALLY connecting the dots…

Click Here To Learn How To Double Your Productivity, Find More Balance & Live Life More On Purpose In Just 42 Days →

A few months from now I’d love nothing more than for YOU to become my next case study. I’d love nothing more than for YOU to experience the life-changing power of TRACKTION.

If you’re ready to execute, I’d love to show YOU how to get big things done…


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