Mood Tracker

Understand yourself better by tracking your moods quickly and easily WITHOUT labelling those emotions “good” or “bad”.

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Moments Mood Tracker Check In

Moments Mood Tracker Intesnity


Simple Mood Tracker

Make It Stick

Make mood tracking a habit by keeping it quick and simple with just 4 core emotions and 3 intensities to track day-to-day.


No Judgement

Mood Diary

Keep mood tracking constructive and guilt-free by avoiding unhelpful labels like “good” and “bad” or “right” and “wrong”. (It’s healthy to feel sad too!)

Moments Mood Tracker Notes

Moments Mood Tracker Mood Charts


Easy Insights

Mood Charts

Understand yourself better, faster and more easily with simple mood charts, instead of feeling overwhelmed by data, correlations and overanalysis.


Daily Moods

Mood Log

Really see what you feel, when and why. Watch your moods come and go with our simple yet powerful colour-coded daily mood log.

Moments Mood Daily Mood Log

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Know thyself. Download the mood tracker today.

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