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Laddering: Why Multitasking ISN’T A Myth…


Tuesday, 8:01 AM
February 11, 2020

Hey friend,

I’m writing chapter 1 of STOP WORKING HARDERF2M’s Ultimate Productivity Primer this week so I’ll keep this one quick… 🏎

It’s a well-established fact that multitasking doesn’t work.

It is possible to look like you’re multitasking by switching quickly between multiple tasks. But your brain can only do one thing at once. And switching costs so much time, effort and energy that doing so just isn’t worth it.

But what if I told you that multi-tasking wasn’t a total myth? That is it, in fact, possible to work on multiple things at one time WITHOUT any cognitive penalties?

What if I told you there was a way to literally 2x, 4x or 10x your learning and productivity almost instantly, just by thinking smarter than your average Joe?

I bet you’d be interested right?

Ok, cool.

Here’s the secret…

Let’s say you start learning German.

Then after 6 months, you want to start learning Mandarin.

But there’s a problem.

Because if you only have 1 hour a day for language learning you either have to give up your German or cut the time you invest in each language to 30 minutes.



Instead of creating false choices, why not learn Mandarin FROM German?

Why not learn one language AND reinforce the other at the same time?

This technique is called “laddering” and at one point it helped me learn Russian from Spanish from Mandarin from German in just an hour every day.

It’s literally game-changing.

But the real question is, can you apply laddering to other parts of life?

And the answer is, definitely!

Here’s an example…

Last year, I invested about 10 hours a week in and around going to the gym.

Let’s run through the 8 life areas in TRACKTION and see how the benefits stack up:

  • Health & Vitality: Lots of benefits.
  • Thoughts & Emotions: Not really.
  • Friends & Family: Nope.
  • Love & Partnership: Some benefits from staying in shape.
  • Learning & Growth: Nope.
  • Productivity & Performance: General exercise benefits.
  • Business & Career: Nope.
  • Wealth & Lifestyle: Nope.

Not terrible (something is better than nothing).

But we can do better.

This year, I’m investing the same 10 hours a week but in and around playing tennis.

Here’s what that picture looks like now:

  • Health & Vitality: Lots of benefits.
  • Thoughts & Emotions: Super for improving focus and resilience.
  • Friends & Family: Met loads of new people. Making new friends.
  • Love & Partnership: Started playing doubles with Erin.
  • Learning & Growth: Learning a new skill.
  • Productivity & Performance: General exercise benefits.
  • Business & Career: Met 2 new coaching clients.
  • Wealth & Lifestyle: WAY more fun than weights.

Boom-town. 🚀 🦾

I’m investing the same time into the same area of life (Health & Vitality) but I’ve laddered tons of collateral benefits into the bargain.

What if (instead of working a dead-end desk job you hate) you designed your career around something that gets you moving, learning, working with people you love and making the world a better place for your family?

What if you practised mindfulness in a way that improved your physical health, connected you with your loved ones and even made you money?

What if your productivity system went beyond nailing “Business & Career“? What if it enabled a balanced, holistic and meaningful life?

Can you see how laddering makes multi-tasking possible?

Can you see how incredibly powerful this simple idea can be?

Can you imagine what a difference this could make in your own life?

If you’re curious about putting this stuff into action, this is EXACTLY the kind of thing I love teaching and talking about in the TRACKTION Masterclass and Community.

Click here to go check it out →

And otherwise, that’s all for today!

Thank you for being here. Thank you for being awesome.

Now, go well, get laddering and have an awesome start to the rest of your week,

Arthur “Stop Working Harder” Worsley
9:07 AM

Arthur Worsley
Arthur Worsley
Arthur is a thinker and writer who helps people who want more from their lives learn to be more productive, find more balance and live life more meaningfully. Want to know more? Take this 2-minute quiz to discover your Productivity Quotient (PQ) and learn how to get BIG things done. Take the Quiz →

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