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How To Drink More Water (Also, What Colour Is Your Pee?)

Arthur Worsley
by Arthur Worsley
M.A. Psychology, Oxford. McKinsey Alum. Founder & Editor at TAoL.

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I love checking TAoL’s Productivity Quiz.

It runs through the 25 habits that make top performers so productive, over 5,000 people have taken it and the results always tell a good story.

And you know what?

People are pretty good at drinking water. 💦💦💦

In fact, staying hydrated is the top-performing habit on the quiz.

But here’s something crazy.

Because despite the fact that hydration is essential to your health… And despite the fact that it’s important for getting things done… And despite the fact that it’s the top-performing habit on the quiz…

Less than 58% of people who’ve taken the quiz regularly get enough fluids… 👇

How To Drink More Water - Quiz Results

So for today’s update, I thought I’d share a few facts, tips and tricks ANYONE can use to make hydration a habit.

Water we waiting for? 🤣🤦


Why you should drink more water…

Let’s start with the obvious: you are basically a glorified water balloon.

I’m not kidding, over 60% of your body weight is water. And when you take out your bones that number goes up above 70%.

Water is also your body’s internet. From your nerves to your blood, to your hormones – literally, everything in your body needs water to get anything done.

No surprises then that if the percentage of water in your body drops to ~57% (a loss of 5-8%) you’ll start feeling tired and dizzy. By 54% (a 10% loss) you’re a mess. And by the time your body mass hits 51% water (-15%) you’re basically dead.

The obvious conclusion? Drinking water is critical. It’s a super simple habit to master and getting on top of it won’t just keep you healthy, it’ll help you get big things done.


What happens when you drink more water…

Here are a handful of benefits you’ll get from drinking more water:

  • You’ll become more athletic – Staying hydrated maximises physical performance;
  • You’ll get instantly smarter – Even slight dehydration impacts brain function;
  • You’ll feel more energetic – Your body can better transport sugars and nutrients;
  • You’ll get better looking – Staying hydrated keeps your skin fresh, soft and glowing;
  • You’ll get healthier – You’ll slash the risk of everything from headaches and kidney stones to cancer and constipation; and
  • You’ll (optionally) lose weight – Your stomach will be fuller, your metabolism will increase and you’ll have less room for sugary drinks.

Like I said… it’s a no brainer.


How much water should you drink in a day?

Official sources recommend about 3.7 litres (15.5 cups) per day for men and 2.7 litres (11.5 cups) for women (those figures include water from food).

And while that’s a good starting point, it’s also mostly rubbish.

The fact is, how much you should drink depends on a whole heap of factors. It depends on who you are, where you are, how hot it is, how active you are, what else you’re eating and drinking and even your altitude.

The most reliable way to check hydration is to look at the colour of your pee.

Not sure what to look for?

Here’s a handy chart from the Australian Government… 🐨

How To Drink More Water - Pee Chart

Bottom line. The yellower it is, the more water you should drink.

CAVEAT: Some foods and medications can change the colour and smell of your pee. Also, drinking too much can land you in a hospital with overhydration – so don’t be an idiot. Drink little and often. And if you’re a serious athlete, use sports drinks to replenish electrolytes and weigh-ins to determine your fluid intake.


How to drink more water…

Here are four simple steps you can take to start drinking more water:

  1. Buy a water bottle – Keep it filled up and with you during the day;
  2. Eat more fruit and veg – Most have a 90% plus water content; and
  3. Make hydration a priority and a habit.

Not sure where to start with number 3?

Go check out TAoL’s TRACKTION Planner – it’s the first tool thousands reach for every day to help them get organised, build new habits and dominate every day.

And it won’t just work for hydration, it’ll help you build the other 24 habits on the quiz.

That’s all for today! Stay hydrated. Stay healthy. Go pick up a planner →


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