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How Chris DOUBLED His Sales AND Found More Balance WITHOUT Working Harder

Arthur Worsley
by Arthur Worsley
M.A. Psychology, Oxford. McKinsey Alum. Founder & Editor at TAoL.

TRACKTION Review - Chris C

This is Chris 👆 and he owns a pretty cool online business. He flips 5-figure, raw, rural real estate all over the US. And he’s built the whole thing so he can work 100% from his laptop, anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Crazy, right?

And the reason Chris makes this remote magic work is he’s one of the most productive people I know. I’m not kidding, his systems and work ethic are intense (the man always travels with post-it notes). It’s awesome and inspiring stuff.

But when Chris and I met, he still had a couple of problems.

First, although he was super clear on what mattered most in his business, he found himself constantly sidetracked. He was fed up with working really, really hard and finishing each day feeling like he was just treading water.

And second, despite being a ninja at getting things done, he was struggling to find balance across the different areas of his life. He wanted more time for health, hobbies and relationships but he didn’t know how to get there WITHOUT sacrificing what already worked.

Chris was frustrated.

But you know what? He was also in good company. Because these are the same problems that MOST of the successful entrepreneurs and executives that I work with all seem to struggle with too.

So what happened next?

Chris and his business partner, Michael, both signed up to TAoL’s TRACKTION Masterclass, my 6-week course on fine-tuning how you already like getting things done so you’re far more holistic and productive.

I showed him how to get clear on where his time ACTUALLY went AND how to stop or do less of whatever didn’t matter.

I showed him how to split “life” into 8 core areas so he could think past the simplistic, self-limiting paradigm of just “work/life” balance.

I showed him EXACTLY how to work out what he wanted, then connect it to the projects he was working on, to his goals for the week and to the things he would work on today.

And I showed him how to do all of this with just a few easy tweaks to his already awesome productivity system.

In his own words: “It was simple. I’d equate it to learning addition and subtraction as opposed to wading through calculus.

But it was also incredibly powerful.

Because within the first week of TRACKTION, “it dawned on me how many things I was making time for that just didn’t matter.

And once Chris had more clarity; once Chris knew what was holding him back and how to deconstruct where he was going, the rest of his journey was simple.

He stopped, automated or outsourced all the low-value stuff in his schedule. He unlocked tons of guilt-free time, space and energy for things like friends, surfing, dating and travelling. And his business has hit new, record-breaking highs every month since he graduated from the program.

In fact, last time I checked, his sales had more than doubled since our last live group coaching call. And he’s managed the whole thing while working less AND finding more balance and time to do everything else.

Pretty cool, right?

And the best part is THIS 👆 is exactly the same journey I want to take you on.

My only goal is to help you go through the same transformation as Sean; to help you do more of what matters, find more balance and live life on purpose WITHOUT working crazy hours and WITHOUT building tiresome and complicated productivity systems.

So, if you’re fed up with tackling this alone; if you want me to show you the answers; if you want to invest a small part of this week into FINALLY connecting the dots…

Click Here To Learn How To Double Your Productivity, Find More Balance & Live Life More On Purpose In Just 42 Days →

A few months from now I’d love nothing more than for YOU to become my next case study. I’d love nothing more than for YOU to experience the life-changing power of TRACKTION.

If you’re ready to execute, I’d love to show YOU how to get big things done…


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