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Book Recommendations: 100s Of Good Books To Read Next

Book Recommendations - TAoL

Looking for a list of good books to read next? Then you’re in the right place.

Good book recommendations aren’t always easy to come by. And with the volume of content that’s out there, it’s hard to sort the average from the good and the great.

I know how that feels. Which is why I spend hours every week collecting and curating recommended books from wherever I find them – from bestsellers to classics to prize-winners; from other readers, from other authors and from you.

My goal? To make sure I read only the best fiction and nonfiction ever written. And to save you hundreds of hours in the process by sharing my very best reading lists, filled with good books to read, in one place.

Book Recommendations by Topic

Click below for book recommendations on each of TAoL‘s 8 areas of life

  1. Health & Vitality - Master physical wellness;
  2. Thoughts & Emotions - Master mental wellness;
  3. Family & Friends - Build better relationships;
  4. Love & Partnership - Love and be loved;
  5. Growth & Learning - Get smart, faster;
  6. Productivity & Performance - Do more, better;
  7. Business & Career - Become an effective executive; and
  8. Wealth & Lifestyle - Free yourself.

Prefer your book recommendations by type and genre? Check out the…

Book Recommendation Guide

Here’s what you’ll find on this page…

What makes my book recommendations different? Simple. My suggestions are objective and data-driven. I don’t pick recommended books randomly. I run Goodreads data through a proprietary algorithm to curate each list of book recommendations.

Short story? I’ve done the heavy lifting for you WITHOUT letting my own bias get the better of me. I’ve used crowd-sourcing to surface only the most widely read and most loved survivors from my database of thousands of books.

So, whether you’re a bookworm wondering, “What should I read next?” or you’re a new reader wondering “What books should everyone read?”, look no further; whether you’re just getting started or you’ve already read thousands of books…

Find a list of books below, pick some good books to read that excite you and get started.

Read wisely. Read widely. Read well.

And you’ll read gladly for the rest of your life.

Best Books of All Time

These are the overall best books to read (by type).

Best Nonfiction Books (A-Z)

These are the best nonfiction books to read (by topic).

Best Fiction Books (A-Z)

These are the best fiction books to read (by genre).

Book Summaries

My favourite way to learn from nonfiction books is to write book summaries. I’m not talking kindle-highlights or 3 sentence synopses. I spend days (often weeks) digesting and re-teaching the best lessons from my favourite books. Then I publish those summaries for free. To learn more, head over to the book summaries page.

How to Read More Books

One thing I didn’t understand about reading for a very long time was the difference between reading widely and reading well.

For more on reading widely, read these 27 tips to start reading more books.

For more on reading well, fill out the form below and I’ll send you the exact same 10-step process I use to write TAoL‘s many book summaries…

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