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Arthur Worsley
by Arthur Worsley
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Accelerated Learning: FREE Tools

Reading Cheat Sheet


Get a FREE 10-step cheat sheet that helps you read faster and remember more of what you read based on Adler and Van Doren’s How to Read a Book.
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Memory Templates


Get 6 FREE templates anyone can use to master exactly the same tools used by Dominic O’Brien to become an 8-time World Memory Champion.
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Language Learning Guide


Save thousands of dollars and hours on your journey to fluency with this FREE 8,000-word language learning guide and toolkit...
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Art History Flashcards


Get 8,250 FREE art history flashcards covering the 500 works and 230 glossary terms in Phaidon's excellent 10,000 Years of Art.
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Accelerated Learning: Book Recommendations

Accelerated Learning: Book Summaries

Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades Summary – Thomas Frank
10 MINUTE READ | A short, practical guide for students on being more productive and studying more effectively - by veteran student-success writer, Thomas Frank of College Info Geek. Topics:
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
A Mind For Numbers Summary – Barbara Oakley
7 MINUTE READ | A practical, research-based guide to unlocking the power of your brain to learn math, or anything else you put your mind to, even if you think you're hopeless - by professor Barbara Oakley. Topics: ,
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
Apology Summary – Plato
9 MINUTE READ | Apology contains three powerful speeches made by Socrates, a founder of Western Philosophy, in his final defence of wisdom, excellence and his life – by Socrates’s student, Aristotle’s teacher and eminent Greek philosopher, Plato. Topics:
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
Atomic Habits Summary – James Clear
11 MINUTE READ | Atomic Habits is a powerful and practical guide to transforming your habits, making change stick and achieving remarkable results – by author and habit-guru, James Clear. Topics: ,
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
Black Box Thinking Summary – Matthew Syed
4 MINUTE READ | Black Box Thinking is a fascinating account of how cognitive biases and fixed mindsets cause individuals and institutions to fail to learn from their mistakes (and what to do about it) - by athlete and author, Matthew Syed. Topics:
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
Bounce Summary – Matthew Syed
10 MINUTE READ | A thoughtful investigation into the primacy of practice and mindset over talent when learning and mastering new skills - by top-ranked table tennis champion and journalist, Matthew Syed. Topics:
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
Effortless Mastery Summary – Kenny Werner
3 MINUTE READ | An inspirational and practical guide for advanced and expert practitioners in any field on finding mastery by getting out of your head and surrendering to your art - by jazz pianist and composer, Kenny Werner. Topics:
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
Flow Summary – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
4 MINUTE READ | A bottom-up guide to finding success, growth and happiness through flow - an optimal experience of being, marked by total absorption and joy in the present - by psychology professor, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Topics: ,
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
How to Develop a Perfect Memory Summary – Dominic O’Brien
25 MINUTE READ | The perfect manual for anyone wanting to effortlessly retain names, faces, facts, figures, speeches and languages. All the tools you need to develop a perfect memory – by 8-time World Memory Champion, Dominic O’Brien. Topics: ,
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
How to Read a Book Summary – Adler & van Doren
17 MINUTE READ | How to Read a Book is THE classic guide to reading faster, deeper and more effectively than you ever realised was possible - by deep-thinkers, philosophers and life-long learners, M. Adler and C. van Doren. Topics: ,
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
Make It Stick Summary – Peter C. Brown et al.
Make It Stick is filled with tools, strategies and stories to help students, teachers and trainers learn more effectively based on 10 years of collaboration between 11 cognitive psychologists - collected and synthesised by author Peter Brown and psychology researchers Henry Roediger and Mark McDaniel. Topics:
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
Mastery Summary – Robert Greene
6 MINUTE READ | An exploration of Mastery - its benefits, principles and strategies - enriched with instructive and inspirational biographies of historical and contemporary masters - by modern-day Machiavelli and author Robert Greene. Topics:
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
Mindset Summary – Carol Dweck
5 MINUTE READ | A research-grounded dive into the self-fulfilling nature and impact of Fixed- and Growth-Mindset beliefs in personal development - by social and developmental psychology professor, Carol Dweck. Topics: ,
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
Moonwalking with Einstein Summary – Josh Foer
4 MINUTE READ | An overview of the history, science and philosophy of memory set against a year-long sprint from memory virgin to 2006 U.S.A Memory Champion - by journalist, Josh Foer. Topics: ,
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
Outliers Summary – Malcolm Gladwell
3 MINUTE READ | Outliers systematically debunks the myth that success is only determined by talent and hard-work - with quantitative and qualitative evidence from medicine, sport, business, history, music, science and more - by journalist and author, Malcolm Gladwell. Topics:
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
Peak Summary – Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool
4 MINUTE READ | Peak is a practical, fact-based primer on the primacy of purposeful and deliberate practice in expert performance - by psychologist and scientist, Anders Ericsson, and science writer, Robert Pool. Topics:
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
Pragmatic Thinking and Learning Summary – Andy Hunt
9 MINUTE READ | A practical and extensive collection of ideas, frameworks, tools and tips to supercharge your learning at school, at home and at work - by programmer and life-long learner, Andy Hunt of Pragmatic Programmers. Topics:
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
Teach Yourself How to Learn Summary – Saundra McGuire
3 MINUTE READ | Simple strategies and inspirational stories to help you ace courses and enjoy a lifetime of deep, effective learning - by retired Chemistry professor and writer on academic success, Saundra McGuire. Topics:
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
The Brain That Changes Itself Summary – Norman Doidge
2 MINUTE READ | The Brain That Changes Itself is an informative and readable journey into the history, science and consequences of recent research in neuroplasticity - the brain's incredible ability to change and reorganise itself - by psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and researcher, Norman Doidge. Topics:
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
The Little Book of Talent Summary – Daniel Coyle
8 MINUTE READ | 52 short, immediate and practical tips to kick-off your learning, improve your skills and sustain your progress at school, at work, at home and at play - by journalist and author, Daniel Coyle. Topics:
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
The Memory Book Summary – Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas
17 MINUTE READ | A practical guide to remembering anything, faster, with simple, millennia-old mnemonics and proven memory boosting techniques - by memory masters, Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas. Topics: ,
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
The Neuroscience of Intelligence Summary – Richard J. Haier
5 MINUTE READ | A neuroscience-heavy, research-rich review of the evidence, myths and future of our understanding of intelligence - including what it is, why some people have it and what can be done to enhance it - by psychologist and professor, Richard J. Haier. Topics:
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
Thinking, Fast and Slow Summary – Daniel Kahneman
21 MINUTE READ | Thinking, Fast and Slow is a ground-breaking, best-selling exploration of the two cognitive systems that shape how we think and the cognitive biases that guide our everyday decision-making and wellbeing - by Nobel Prize winning behavioral psychologist, Daniel Kahneman. Topics:
Accelerated Learning Book Summary Thumbnail
Unlimited Memory Summary – Kevin Horsley
1 MINUTE READ | A short and accessible introduction to mnemonic memory techniques for anyone looking to quickly improve their memory and increase their productivity – by Grand Master of Memory, Kevin Horsley. Topics: ,

Accelerated Learning: Articles

Accelerated Learning Articles Thumbnail
How To Learn Any Skill Faster Using Analogies
4 MINUTE READ | Learning skills is difficult because it's hard to teach someone a feeling. This short article explains the how to shortcut that process by using powerful somatic analogies to help you learn any skill faster. Topics:
Accelerated Learning Articles Thumbnail
How to Learn Any Skill: 10 Steps and Why They Will Change Your Life
17 MINUTE READ | Learning skills is hard. This 10-step, 3+ week-by-week guide will help you learn faster and more easily by using common shortcuts and avoiding common pitfalls whenever you decide to learn any new skill. Topics:
Accelerated Learning Articles Thumbnail
How to Memorise a Monologue: The Ultimate Guide to Word-Perfect Memory
20 MINUTE READ | The ultimate guide to memory preparation, repetition, mnemonics and memory palaces. Whether you're an actor that needs word-perfect recall or you're just looking to get better at memorising things, you'll find tips in this article that will help. Topics: , ,
Accelerated Learning Articles Thumbnail
How to Put What You Read into Action (Do This Every Day!)
3 MINUTE READ | In this short article I'll teach you a rapid 7-step process ANYONE can use to put more of what they read in books, articles and guides into action by changing a few small things you do every day. Topics: , ,
Accelerated Learning Articles Thumbnail
How to Read More Books: 27 Ways To Get Reading This Year
17 MINUTE READ | The ultimate 27-step guide to reading more books every year, starting easy (with overcoming basic obstacles) and progressing to more advanced tricks on reading more, faster and getting more from each book that you read. Topics: ,
Accelerated Learning Articles Thumbnail
The Art of Journal Meditation: Finding Zen and Solving Problems
7 MINUTE READ | In this guide to journalling I'll talk you through why journalling is so powerful, what kinds of thinking it works for and show you EXACTLY how to solve all your problems (and clear your head) by getting your thoughts down on paper. Topics: ,
Accelerated Learning Articles Thumbnail
The Art of Magnetic Memory and the Power of Spaced Repetition Systems
15 MINUTE READ | In this ultimate guide to improving your memory I'll show you exactly why you should and how to go about memorising things far more effectively using everything from mnemonics to spaced repetition systems (SRS). Topics: ,
Accelerated Learning Articles Thumbnail
The Best Way To Learn A Language (The Ultimate Free Language Learning Guide)
33 MINUTE READ | The ultimate 8,000-word FREE guide to self-studying foreign languages - a.k.a., everything I wish I'd known before spending 7 years studying 7 languages while travelling across the world. Topics:
Accelerated Learning Articles Thumbnail
The Feynman Technique: 7 Steps to Learn Anything Faster by Teaching
We've all been there. "I hate this topic! I don't understand it and I'm never going to! And even if I did, how am I supposed to remember this anyway, huh?" Learning is hard work at the best of times and crushingly frustrating at the worst. It's easy to feel stupid or embarrassed when tackling new topics or skills. Before long you've convinced yourself you're "just bad at this kind of stuff". Or worse, you grow to fear or hate learning entirely. But what if I told you there was a simpler and faster way to learn anything? A technique… Topics:

Accelerated Learning: Interviews

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